21 September, 2006

Four Your Use

There are a lot of good blogs out there from and about Al Ain. Here are some I know about:

Al Ain Taxi, Am I really this crazy, Bss & Brn in Al Ain, C'est la Vie!, The Desert Mirage, your man in Al Ain

If there are some others I've missed, please include them in the comments section.


flic said...

I'll say this before anyone else does (I hope). Yes, I'm aware that a few of the blogs I've mentioned are already listed here on the Sidebar Links of this blog's page.

But I think it's a grand idea to have all the Al Ain blogs that we know of in one spot, hence this post (as a start).

And also, a place to list Al Ain blogs that are not (yet, perhaps) members of the UAE Community Blog.

Thanks in advance for any additions to this Al Ain blog list!

secretdubai said...

That's not a bad idea - maybe grouping blogs by emirate. Or initialling each blog with their respective emirate (would take rather ages though).

flic said...

Having a separate category on the sidebar would be the better idea. It wouldn't take long, and it would be easy to do.

Anonymous said...

May be a good idea... However, there's already been some upset feelings over sites being categorized in different ways and the more you try to put sites/blogs in different categories, the higher the risk for that to happen.

grapeshisha said...

Rather than catgorise, we could jut have a link to this post at the bottom of the page. I think categorising down to emirate specific may become an arduous task for the administrators. And I support what anon@12.22 says.

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