18 September, 2006

Here comes the Real Blogger

If you have been looking out for an 'avid' blogger in UAE, Etisalat seems to have spotted him. At Madinat Jumeirah of all places.

This dude called 'Mohammad' with photoshopped blue eyes to match his blue rings reckons that etisalat 'activates his life'.

Too etisalat(cool) man.

Weyak advert in Gulf News dated September 18, 2006.


Keefieboy said...

Looks just like me.

Balushi said...

what an ugly looking guy!!! - couldnt they get some1 nice.

secretdubai said...

Would he be one of the "women" category bloggers, most of whom are actually men?

Surely Etishite wouldn't be so we-ak as to shove in a load of fake/staff-created blogs and tag them with every category, to make the categories look full?

Anyway, they're all welcome as members here. If anyone spots this sapphire-eyed twazzock, pass him this address.

Woke said...

Yeah.. off I go to Madinat Jumeirah where are all the bloggers are.

click here for more said...

That guy seems to have a distinct case of Latent homosexuality

marwan said...

Say no to the mullet.

And like Woke said: Everytime I visit Trilogy, I see loads of people waiting outside with laptops, itching to discuss the issues of the day.

ali said...

another smart plan by etisalat?
lol keep this as the main blogger site (moniter it like crazy for conspiricy) AND on top - block all other blogging sites... MASTER PLAN I SAY :P

newys - etisalat, sigh... NO COMMENT ( bangs head across table!!)

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