13 September, 2006

WorldLingo blocked

Don't know if anyone's noticed, but the translation links on this site now bring up the infamous Etisalat 'we don't like this very much' page.

Anybody have the slightest clue as to why Etisalat would block WorldLingo.com?


Woke said...

They have been blocking all translation services for some unknown reason. Maybe they just came across Worldlingo now.

DG said...

Well, this translation link on UAE community has been blocked since a long time, not weeks but months if I am not wrong. I thought maybe you guys knew this & that link was for benefit of bloggers outside UAE.

samuraisam said...

Because the translation service accesses it from outside etisalat.


www.israel.il is blocked; you do not like this.

so you pop it in the translator, and you get to view the site (text only, no pictures)

Seabee said...

The CEO was on radio this morning saying that it's easy to get sites unblocked. It's apparently all part of Etisacrap's dedication to customer service.

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