23 September, 2006



HI, Some of us have got togethere and have a BLOG, this RAMADAN for RAMADAN.

The Aim is to get as many of you to come and post, So that we all benefit and learn from each others knowledge.

So, WE would very much like to WELCOME you.
Please come and join us at RAMADAN-KAREEM


moryarti said...


Anonymous said...

http://ramadankareem.blogspot.com :)

secretdubai said...

Great idea - I have hyperlinked it in the left hand column in big orange letters ;)

nzm said...

Awesome, and thanks for the invite!

I hope that it becomes a place where we can learn more about Ramadan.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

OH and one more thing, since a lot of us are muslims living in non Muslim countries, or simply non muslims who wanna know more about ramadan and how it is celebrated, it would be so fab if everyone could have pictures posted to the Ramadan blog from wherever in the world they are where there is a bit of Ramadan spirit happening wether in the market place, dinner table, mosques or anywhere else.

Ramadan Kareem everyone :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

And thank you SD for supporting the idea :)

Anonymous said...

off topic:

tsk tsk..UAE community admin/s, i think the ramadan kareem in arabic text(the one in the picture on the top left as of now) was typed incorrectly. (?)

secretdubai said...

Uh oh - that was me, I cut and paste it from somewhere.

If someone can send me a Word document with it in, correctly spelt, I will try with that. It's very tricky to do for me, as my OS doesn't support Arabic that well.

MD said...

رمضان كريم

MD said...

You can just copy-paste the above. Hope it works! Let me know if you need help on this.

secretdubai said...

Hmm - that's what I tried before (from a comment on my blog) and Word scrunched it up or something.

here's a version with just the English on, if anyone else wants to try Photoshopping on the correct Arabic (in a prettier font if you prefer, my computer doesn't seem to have any Arabic fonts installed beyond an unnamed default one).

Al!Co said...

nks for Evrything ..

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