19 September, 2006

"Etisalat is best firm in the UAE"

Ah...theoretically speaking, I guess:

Etisalat has been ranked by Forbes Arabia magazine as the 6th Best Arab Company in the region and first in the UAE.

From a survey of more than 1,060 companies, the report includes 11 UAE companies in the Top 50 Arab companies. The report evaluated companies based on financial performance, operating competence and successful market performance among others.

Taken from Emirates Today, Business Section


Brn said...

Well, you have to admit that they have the financial and market performance parts down.

I wonder if Emirates Airline was ranked, and if so where.

Dubai-Informer said...

And we all know how they did it. Block this, block that, and yup, your number one? Hmm, that's sad.

Customer service was no factor in this survey I guess. It's about time for competition...

moonlighter said...

Well guys, I have this creepy feeling that this was a desperate attempt by their PR firm to counter the VOiP related negative publicity! I won't be surprised if some other publications and news channel gradually fall in line!

The strategy seems to be too familiar to the one we've been seeing since the millenium for Dubai Inc.! (SD... your inputs please...)

But who knows... Maybe I'm one of those creeps to have this feeling!

MadMax said...

It is in our sporting tradition and culture to congratulate a winner. Commisserations usually go to the ones who failed to win (those whining losers.

All other telecom providers in the UAE (all those sore losers) should just shaddup and celebrate the success of the one and only winner!

It is also a sporting tradition to thanks all the other players who provided excellent competition to the winner through: VOIP, SMS, Cheaper Calls, Customer service, customer satisfaction, and free air-tickets to Timbuktu.

Who the hell cares how many horses ran in the race as long as there is one winner?

MadMax said...

Why is the page scrolling too much to the right? Is it just in my machine (1024 x 768)?


Keefieboy said...


archer14 said...

Wow, Etisalat can pat themselves at the back. Blowing that trumpet all year long - has finally brought results. Cheers to etisalat - ghost telecoms, here's wishing you luck next time!

Seabee said...

Based on the criteria they were bound to do well in the rankings. The rankings I can't believe are when they win for customer service.

marwan said...

Easy enough for them to win customer service. Their customers havent seen how a real ISP works; this is it, they must be thinking.

And their financial success has nothing to do with blocking and everything to do with monopolisation.

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