11 September, 2006

UAE Justice- Not everything its cracked up to be

Sentence of four rapists increased to five years

By Alia Al Theeb, Staff Reporter
Dubai: Four young men who kidnapped and gang-raped a 23-year-old Briton stewardess last September had their sentences increased to five years.
Dubai Court of Appeal upheld Dubai Court of First Instance's verdict and added three years for each of the four nationals after they were found guilty of luring the British victim into their car, driving off to a remote area and raping her

Alhamdullilah the Authorities have decided to further punish and increase the sentences of the rapists. These rapists were origionally sentenced to 2 years each. Despite the nagging and complaining, the UAE justice system still works.

You may ask me, what about Dallas Austin ?. Looking back on it, Dallas was freed because of a number of external factors. Because a bunch of members of the US government rushed to the defense of a crack addict. And we all know how irresistible the package of US-Defamation and Anger can be over these things. I regret my statement towards the government about this. In my opinion Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid did the right thing by giving him a pardon. The waa-waa media would have kicked and screamed bloody murder if a proper sentence had been passed, and this is the future of Dubai were talking about, the brand is everything. Remember Coedine Tracy ? Remember how she (or the press) attempted to put a spin on her detention by claiming the Dubai police took her cross (necklace was it?) as an example of religious intolerance ? Please Remind me which country claims it is a constitutional right of a prisoner to carry metallic objects.

Now Imagine a few hundred of those stories in a best selling book. Dallas Austin- Persecution in Dubai.

Great title isnt it ?


Woke said...

First of all I think 5 years jail sentence is too lenient for a crime like gang rape.

In my opinion Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid did the right thing by giving him a pardon.

The right thing or a convenient solution?

Anonymous said...

All it says is that the rich and powerful are above the law

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