12 September, 2006

Amazing Zayed video

There is a really interesting video (from 1967) about the UAE on metacafe; it mainly covers Sheikh Zayed and the core culture of the UAE of yesteryear.

here is a link

If you want to become more culturally aware; I suggest you watch the video.

unfortunately, Etisalat deem metacafe as 'immoral' or somesuch, so until I can locate the 2 part series on another unblocked source, you can't watch it if you're behind the great firewall.


DXBluey said...

I'm keen to have a look at this... would appreciate it if you do find a different source / work around...


secretdubai said...

I have requested to the poster of them that s/he reposts them on an unblocked site, such as Google Video, but I am also trying to download them myself and see if I can host them somewhere.

GMJ said...

Oh yeah that video, I actually have it on DVD. My friend sneaked me a copy from some cultural foundation in AD. Its priceless!

BuJ said...

This documentary is EXCELLENT!

On a less-serious tone, I'm sure the new generation of Emiratis would admire Zayed's driving skills with a rear-wheel-drive car in the desert :)

psamtani said...
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