14 September, 2006

GCC Ginar

GCC moving to a GINAR (GCC Dinar) . I aint sure unless this is being backed by a complete homogenous economic agenda it will such a good idea. Although IMF has blessed the descision years ago, so Uncle Sam has to be kept happy and oil will probably still trade in Dollar.

Lets see what happens we have got four more years ago.


Balushi said...

The day when Two Arab leaderS/dictators will agree with each other on a single issue!!!


I will CUT-OFF my "Sensitive" or "Private" parts, The most dearest to me.

secretdubai said...

*pages King Abdullah and Sultan Qaboos*


fellow atheist said...

The GCC Dinar is going to come. It will probably take several more years, but it will come.

Uncle Sam occasionally does good things.. so let's hope they push this one.

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