29 September, 2006

Budget Planner - a Duboyous neeD

Came across a very neat budget planner done in excel using a number of interlinked sheets. I have learned the hard way that budget planning pays, be it for a business or just with managing your plastic money. I don't think blogger allows file uploads so just email me in case anyone wants to have a copy. It is not authored by me and has all the author info and contacts.

Well better still if anybody knows of an online budget planner do enlighten us. It would be even savvy to be able to track your money anytime anywhere. And if fellow residents have interest, I guess we we should come together to do an online dubai budget planner/price comarator, because prices in dubai are so location dependent if not skin dependent.


bizzwhizz said...

see what a i mean by this link http://archive.gulfnews.com/articles/06/08/30/10063631.html

shansenta said...

Well observed that "prices in dubai are so location dependent if not skin dependent". Perhaps this is only (or is there any thing else?!) thing that cuts across nationalities barriers:):)
Please send me your plkanner file... no harm in starting late! shansenta@gmail.com

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