22 September, 2006

Ramadan Kareem!!!!!

Ramadan Mubarak!!!

May Allah answer all of our prayers and accept all of our deeds.

Fi Iman Allah


Proud Emirati said...

Ramadan Mubarak

Greetings to you all

happy holy month

secretdubai said...

رمضان كريم

Ramadan kareem!

MD said...

Ameen! Ramadan Kareem to everyone :))

nativeinformant said...

Ramadan Mubarak! I am heading back to Dubai in a few days and have never been there (or in any other Muslim country) during Ramadan. Can you tell me what to expect re: eating establishments, nightlife, etc. Are coffee shops anywhere open during the day, like in the malls? Are the malls open same hours? Are nightclubs open?


secretdubai said...

Malls are open fairly similar hours, but no food outlets or cafes are open.

Hotel restaurants are open, as are a lot of non-mall outlets that do an office lunchtime trade, but a lot of sit-in places become delivery only (kind of stupid, as you don't want to eat in front of Muslims colleagues at your desk - far better to eat inside the cafe, but still) and/or put curtains and blinds up.

No alcohol is sold at all during the day.

All restaurants and cafes and outlets are open after iftar, and alcohol is served again.

Nightclubs are open but there is no loud music. There is background music, but it might be lower volume.

Smoking/eating/drinking/chewing gum in public is forbidden. You are also supposed to dress more modestly, and avoid public affection even more.

secretdubai said...

Tip: if you are arrested or chastised for doing something, even if you didn't know it was wrong (and even if it turns out later that it was actually ok) just swallow your indignation and apologise profusely. Be as accommodating as possible, keep apologising and thank the person for pointing out your "error", and go on your way in peace. Say Ramadan kareem to them as you go.

Some of the Ramadan observations are more about culture/tradition than actual written set-in-stone law, but even the police aren't always aware of the difference. Eg I'm not sure what the actual legal status is of feeding infants in public, or taking medication. Even if you haven't broken a law, someone may be offended (albeit unfairly or unreasonably) by your action, but people aren't always rational when they are fasting, so tempers can fray.

Patience is key. Better to keep the peace during this holy time.

nativeinformant said...

thanks SD. very useful info! look forward to seeing you when I am in town.

nativeinformant said...

oh, one more question, sorry... are grocery stores open regular hours, and is it ok to be walking home with my groceries?

trailingspouse said...

Ramadan Kareem, everyone!

Yes, Native Informant, supermarkets, etc are open as usual during Ramadan. In fact you will often find yourself at the checkout behind someone in local dress who is buying food with which to break their fast.

Watch out for the pre-Iftar (18.17 today) rush half-hour on the roads, when Dubai traffic madness gets even worse (can you imagine?) as hordes of hungry people try to get home in time to break their fast with family and friends. Leave the office at 18.20 and you will sail home.

Anonymous said...

Uhmm...question.. What's the difference between kareem and mubarak?

MD said...

Dani, they're exchangeable here. 'Mubarak' refers to something that is celebratory, like Eid Mubarak or Ramadan Mubarak or sometimes in Urdu, Janm-din Mubarak which means 'Happy Birthday' :)

Kareem literally means 'generous' but in context of Ramadan, it refers to being holy and blessed Ramadan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying, MD. :D

DG said...

Friends, Ramadan Kareem to all of you. May Allah accept all the good deeds from all of us during this blessed month. Take good care of our guest, fulfil all his requirements & I am sure it will reward you when it leaves you. The reward will be a better muslim, a better human being. Good luck :-)

haq islam said...

Ramadan Mubarak

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