10 September, 2006

simple/cheap/ffective ideas to help others

· Notice the huge amount of school books that are just thrown away every year, why don't we teach our kids how to keep them clean and send them by the end of the year to other kids in other needy countries.
· Sometimes you have a pile of medicines that didn't expire yet and you don't really need anymore, why not giving it to the doctor/pharmacist and tell them to give those medicines for free to those who need them and can't afford paying their prices.
· Try to buy water, juice, ice-cream from time to time and give it to a newspaper man who is sitting in this burning heat, with a smile on give it to him and tell him that you really appreciate what he is doing... walla this will make his week!
· Smile at people, Prophet Mohammad said that a smile counts as a donation.
· Your old clothes, till when are you going to keep them? Just give them away and invest in your good deeds bank
· If you have a maid/driver or whoever that works for you, make them know that their effort is noticeable and that they are not invisible, money isn't all what matters even for them
· Don't ever look to someone as a lower race, this is the worst thing to do no even if you financially contributed for the good of that person, there is no lower race there is a lower human beings in terms of attitude
Just keep your eyes open for the possibilities and you will find many simple ways to help in a very effective manner, life is about sharing and caring... and remember that people who need help aren't only living in Africa nor Palestine, they can be neighbors, workmates, maid, driver or someone you can easily end up their suffering whom are not far away from you.


moryarti said...

excellent post.. we need more of those

elle said...

Well said, I totally agree.

DG said...

"Life is about sharing & caring"

Very well said. Nice post, I am looking forward to more similar posts from you :-)

al buxman said...

How about this: I was standing by the Al Ain road at Nad Al Sheba yesterday around 7 pm, hoping to catch a ride in a taxi as a co-passenger, when a Nissan Patrol, driven by an Arab, pulls up and honks. I ask if he's going to Al Ain, he indicates yes, hop in (to that effect). We hurtle towards Al Ain at 160 kph and the radio at full blast. (We did have an interesting conversation--he speaks virtually no English and me virtually no Arabic.)

To make it brief, he insisted on dropping me at my doorstep at home, and would accept no payment (said he had enough money). Instead, he presented me with a packet of seeds, and I gave him the two pears I had in my bag.

Sounds like good neighbourliness, don't you think?

secretdubai said...

al buxman - that is a lovely story. However I definitely wouldn't recommend any woman do that.

I love the seeds/pears thing!

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