19 September, 2006

Another website blocked!

Hi5 joins the dead. Today, Etisalat has finally blocked this site too...


Lirun said...

wow.. what do you think the criteria are..

i remember when i studied in shanghai in china we kept on searching for new freemail services because hotmail was blocked..


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that I can still access hi5...and orkut...and youtube... and...

AUH said...

You know I was just discussing this the other day with friends, we were taking bets on just how long it would take to block hi5

wow, Etisalat is obviously quicker than I thought, there goes my 5Dhs.

ahmed said...

If you are serious about blogging, think about moving to weyak ;-)

I have this strong feeling that all the major blogging sites are going to be blocked.

How long is that going to take, I dont know. What I know now is that the internet service in UAE is the most restricted in the whole of the GCC.

pRoUd said...

how amaZing Etisilat didn't get to this blog yet, sooner or later i think it will be banned,
reason: too much criticsm.

(etisilat's new adv. portrays a youth with blue eyes, do you think its an attempt to win over customers???)

pRoUd said...

hey Ahmad, same thoughts huh!!!

but is it really that the uae has the most restrictive access....i know otherwise...at least we're not in china!

samuraisam said...

MD: I was under the impression it was already blocked (as noted in this post), maybe I was just predicting the future...

ahmed:"If you are serious about blogging, think about moving to weyak ;-)"

I think you meant to say...

"If you are serious about doing 20-life in Al-wathba, think about moving to weyak"

Lirun said...

i will be very sad if this blog is blocked..

it has taught me soo much over the last few weeks..

thank you to everyone..

Anonymous said...

This Lirun is being super friendly...and he/she is posting on almost all of the blogs here (the arabic ones)...makes me uncomfortable...

Lirun said...


sorry - its normally after surfing.. i come off the waves on such a high i could be nice about anything

not sure how all my questions are so nice.. like the blocking criteria but - thanks i think.. thats kind of like a bizarre backhanded compliment..


oink-a-doodle said...

Backhanded all right...can we trust an Israeli who says nice things about us?

Something doesn't smell right.

A Yahya said...

@ Ahmed, I must agree with Sam, I dont personally want my blog moderated by Etisalat.

Dubai-Informer said...

Hey, i also dont like the whole blocking thing, but to be fair: It is not Etisalat blocking sites, these decisions are made by the TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) for all Telecom providers in the UAE (right now it is only one, will change soon though). So lets just hope that the competition with "du" will bring some harder discussions about these things with the TRA.
Dubai Informer

samuraisam said...

dubai-informer:"but to be fair: It is not Etisalat blocking sites, these decisions are made by the TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) for all Telecom providers in the UAE (right now it is only one, will change soon though). So lets just hope that the competition with "du" will bring some harder discussions about these things with the TRA."

Sorry. That is incorrect; Etisalat is the TRA and the TRA is Etisalat.

secretdubai said...

Sorry. That is incorrect; Etisalat is the TRA and the TRA is Etisalat.

Rather: Etisalat is the government is the TRA is the goverment is the TRA is the government is Etisalat.

Hope that's slightly clearer.

Lirun said...

fine.. i guess i'll just have to tone down the kumbaya/ tree-hugging/ granola eating/ lets not step on a single ant/ watch the dolphins in your tuna attitude

ps if i've missed any other attributes let me know ;)

click_310 said...

Lirun welcome to the uae community blog, don't mind some of the xenophobic arabs here they are preprogramed to hate.

Hang around and bring your likeminded friends over.

DG said...

All humans are children of same father Adam. All of us have same wants & needs in life. All of us have temporary lives after which we have to leave this world. Why all this fighting over things which really don't belong to us. We have so much in common, but why we only highlight the differences. Why?

Is the God of muslims different from the God of a Jew? Do we muslims think that our God sent us down so that we can kill the jews or other non muslims?

This one verse fo Quran should be an eye opener for most of us muslims. Chapter 10, Verse 99

"And had your Lord willed, those on earth would have believed, all of them together. So, will you (O Muhammad) then compel humankind, until they become believers?"

See what our God is telling our Prophet peace be upon him, and see what we are doing? This book Quran is not just for decorations in our homes, read it, understand it.

We get excited easily if someone says offensive remarks against our religion. But are we really following the teachings of our Lord & His Meesenger in our lives? May God guide all of us to His right path.

Lirun, you are always welcome here brother. And sorry friends if any one felt offended by my harsh comments. God bless you all.

ali said...

everything will be blocked soon
this is CENSORSHIP and its SO wrong, i mean they dont stop the illegal activities going round uae - ESP dubai!! and they just block websites - wut bout the un-censrd access that those jumeria\green areas get? MAN this is just NOT FAIR!!!:(!!!

soon enough they will block the whole net cause i mean sites like deviant art and im SURE blog-sites are next cause they dont want us talking! and then they complain why do people SURPASS and jump the proxy - MANY reasons are cause WE have rights .... WHATS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!?!! etisalat is a monopoly charging CRAZY prices for anything AND ON TOP we pay for censorship?!!? i do complain a lot but etisalat isnt perfect - i say someone should just BOYCOTT etisalat! honestly OMG its about time!!!

someone do something bout this, i did write a million complaint letters to em but all they send back is some automated msg saying OH its not in our favor - its the directors and this and that - bring in religion just to add to the fire, im a muslim and all that BUT omg see what happens on the streets of dubai - MUCH worse than wut goes on the internet - the things which should be blocked ARNT blocked but the things we enjoi and causes no harm to people... that always ends up blocked - and the fact about "adult material" it IS everywhere and its in amounts so why the internet?!

Argh im loosing it - someone help mee!! lol - Take care :) and ps... Kickass blog, keep it up man =)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

yeah i cant believe they blocked hi5 then unblocked it and blocked it AGAIN. as soon as i can, im going to change my isp out to Du, i hear its unlimited access, at least there's no blocking. At least they havent gotten to orkut yet, hopefully they wont and dubai's web community will grow bigger there

Anonymous said...

Etisalat did it again!

Orkut is Blocked in UAE from today on. 26/06/2007.

What is their intention? What are they trying to achieve? Nobody knows.. im sure even they dont know what they are upto!!!!

Orkut Bolcked>>>Orkut Unblocked>>>>Then again Orkut Blocked!!!

kamal asif said...

Hi, ORKUT was working just fine till yesterday night. all of a sudden Etisalat blocked it.I wrote to Etisalat, Gulf news & report it to google...see what happens.. lets start a campaign for Orkut. .and if some body is calling it a dating site or whatever they should block mobile phones.. because these phones are the worst X rated device the modern world has ever seen. .if you know what i mean.

Mohammad Khaled Khan said...

I don't get the logic of Blocking orkut, I have many of my mates there, just a click away from me, if it is Inappropriate contents, whole Dubai is Full of it, than Why don't you close the whole freaking thing up, don't you guys know about Diera which is worst than Amsterdam

Mohammad Khaled Khan said...

Does Media Controls the whole freaking thing, its just a article in Gulf News and the next day Orkut is blocked, why don't you guys try MySpaces :)

Anonymous said...


is it just me or i just can't totally view this site?

this site is for flash tutorials users. and if u guys can't view it either. i would say ETISALAT IS REALLY GETTING STUPIDIER EVER.

no its not just the etisalat, its just the narrow minded people in UAE.

they should be ashmed of themselves. they should have learn that the world/people is becoming an open minded. shezz... such narrow mindeds I SWEAR!

lol if they found out this and block this. they are just pathetic.

we are all customers and paying in our own pocket. they should not block the sites. such as improving our skills (arts, computer studies, etc) now they even block bit-torrents files and the picture in myspace.com. shezz... what loserz i swear. i hope they close down someday.

i mean we all pay the internet and they just keep blocking ALMOST EVERYTHING. -_-

Anonymous said...

i just moved too UAE today with my family and etisalats blocks are really stupid, any1 know what they block for?

Anonymouse! said...

What kind of punishment is there for bypassing internet censorship?

Um, I hear in Dubai's internet city, you can sidestep the censorship, but they might watch you.

I live in America, and I kind of think it's ridiculous that a government is so insecure as to block free speech. :(

I hope to live in Dubai one day, because it's such a fast-growing city.

@ Anon above me:

The blocks are for religious reasons, reasons that it may be critical of the govt., or that they are porn.

I don't really see the big deal with porn, I mean...It's just porn..

Sorry if I offend anyone.

If Dubai wants to cater to international visitors and residents, it should work on cleaning up its censorship of media. :(

Anonymous said...

Is FACEBOOK blogged?
Can't seem to log into it since yesterday.
I run a global minority community.. is that wrong? It's so unfair becoz I'm the creator of this group and I can't seem to access it !!

Down with Etisalat.

And if there are Sex clubs in Facebook, block that particular link !

Anonymous said...

hhhhh guys its unbelivable ! no one can open hi5 or even porn website in UaE !! hhhh poor guys i have the solution the ultimate and etisalet cannot block it because its not a website :) hey guys kodex99@hotmail.com and its not free !
Tunisians are ThE BeST

Anonymous said...

and as you said islamic purpose but the porn is in their life ! man did u ever visit a disco? wher is this islamic purpose? what im sure ! im using internet and accessing all website in uae normally !

Anonymous said...

I want to go to the arab gay site but I cant. Help please. I want to www.arab-gay.com

Anonymous said...

help me i want 2 get in msn but i cant if anyone knows please e mail me at roadrunner_blink182@hotmail.com


Robert H said...


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jay said...

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Sara said...


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Anonymous said...

When I was in the UAE over Christmas I was shocked (albeit, not that shocked) that literally any site to do with porn, at all, was completely blocked.

Awful. And the internet is a total rip-off over there. My dad is paying about £40/ month for pretty slow internet.

SkypeSufferer said...

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Thanks again Sara...

triveni said...

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