17 September, 2006

ice cream

An interesting yet mostly-cliché article about Dubai over here; except for this little paragraph….

"Life is sweet here. New arrivals at the spotless Dubai International Airport are sometimes greeted with free tubs of Baskin-Robbins ice cream to soften the shock of the sweltering heat."

Never heard of that happening before; but it’s definitely a positive thing.

Aside from double chocolate chip ice cream; some people may find this report, entitled “United Arab Emirates: International Religious Freedom Report 2006” interesting


archer14 said...
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Woke said...

Maybe the ice-cream can keep everyone quite for a while.

Seabee said...

My favourite ice cream, I spend a fortune on it - and I've never been given a free tub :-(

secretdubai said...

Nah, I'm definitely more a Haagen-Dazs person, I need my super-premium ice cream with no artificials.

Green & Blacks Orange Chocolate is also amazing.

Miti said...

Hey SD,

There is an ice cream parlour in Karama called Naturals. They are a part of a restaurant called Govinda's.

The ice cream served in Naturals is the best thing you would have ever had. It uses real fruits and no artificial flavours. Do give it a try. I have tried Haagen-Dazs, Baskin Robbins and London Dairy. So far Naturals tops my list.


bizzwhizz said...

yea they do greet you with ice cream topped with tax free icing. and then realty hits ice creams melts the palms appears but is under someone elses feet, the buj is there but cant enter unless your shoffer driven and taxes yes they got so mannnny except they r not called taxes they are called funds, diductions, mukhalfas, xyz improvement fees etc etc etc and yes top all that with a few drops of your blood n sweat

Harsha said...

and service charges..

Seabee said...

Healthy ic cream? Isn't that an oxymoron?

A Baskin Robbins Praline & Cream or Gold Medal Ribbon isn't eaten because it's healthy - if I want healthy I'll chew on a carrot!

Gulf News Porn said...

Ben & Jerry's ?

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