28 September, 2006




bandicoot said...

thanks dani for breaking the good news! I'll go really "hoooray" when they unblock Skype.

samuraisam said...

Damnit, you beat me by 3 minutes!
If I'd have been home I would've posted it nearly an hour ago ):

Anonymous said...

lol sam, i discovered it at school! :P

DG said...

Dani, you discovered it at school? No classes these days or what? By the way, just out of curiousity, everyday how much time do you spend before you reach your school? Gulf News had an article few days ago that student spend 4 hours in traffic for 6 hours of classes? :-)

Anonymous said...

hmm DG,

I attended school today, and fortunately we have an IT period for the last subject.

Since it is ramadan season we only have classes from 8:30 am up to 1:00pm. But usually, it is from 7something to 2pm.

Gulf News' article may be true (but I think it was a bit exaggerated), because some immigrate from emirate to emirate everyday just to attend school. I even have a classmate who lives in Umm Al Quwain and study here, but was never late for school.

CG said...

I don't think there was any exaggeration from the Gulf News....I live on one side of DUbai and to get to the school to pick up my kids (across town)(17km) I leave here at 1pm and am lucky if I am home before 5pm.

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