01 November, 2006

Spot the difference


marwan said...

If your eyes don't like it, they can leave.

BD said...

Can you elaborate a little SD? Are these Google Earth images from different dates? Are you sure the first is not computer enhanced with greenery and the like?

Slagothor said...

The first one is a computer-generated image of what it is supposed to look like when finished. The second is a recent photo. SD is commenting that the "poetry" between the outer ring and the palm leaf is missing. I am pretty sure that the "poetry" will be built later, and is not going to be a sand-berm like the rest of the island, but concrete/steel construction that will sit on the sea-floor.

secretdubai said...

There are lots of other differences too - such as the gaps, and the outer-rim linking to the shore.

nzm said...

The link to the outer rim from the shore is temporary so that ground transportation can easily access the outer barrier. It will most likely be removed on completion of an alternative route - most probably a tunnel. I think that this is what they've also done during construction of the Jumeirah Palm.

Through experiences with the Jumeirah Palm, they've also recognised the need to have extra gaps in the barrier to improve the flow of water through the project.

The addition of the Arabic verse will only add to the water circulation woes, so don't be surprised if it gets canned.

There are major differences in the shape of the outer rim and the proximity of the ends to the shore.

They've obviously rethought the design of the area between the trunk and the branches too.

redstar said...

They don't appear to have solved the issue of how several thousand people can get on and off the island via one small road, either.

poo said...

redstar :
The same way several thousand commute between Sharjah and Dubai everyday. aka another big a$$ traffic jam.

Harsha said...

I think the one on the right is Palm Jumeirah and the one on the left is Palm Jabel Ali

nzm said...

Harsha: I don't think so. The Jumeirah Palms outer rim isn't so close to the land, and there are little islands off the ends of the rims of the Jumeirah Palm.

And that isn't Sh. Mohammed's place pictured on the mainland.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you go to the nakheel website you can see the current masterplan and it looks exactly like what's built so far. The got rid of one line of water homes and moved them to the fronds (and probably doubled the amount aswell). They were also going to put skyscrapers on that thicker bit at the top but they got rid of those and there seems to be a hotel there now.

I don't know why anyone will want a waterhome though, It'd be really dodgy living in a house on stilts especially when built by nakheel. Also where the hell's everyone going to park their cars? I see no space in the renders

John B. Chilton said...

Both are Jebel Ali, one as concieved and one under construction. See
to convince yourself it is Jebel Ali (as correctly labeled in SD's post).

Tim Newman said...

The addition of the Arabic verse will only add to the water circulation woes, so don't be surprised if it gets canned.

It's also nauseatingly poor poetry. Water circulation is the least of their woes.

Lirun said...

i was under the impression that a lot of the investors were overseas superstars who were buying holiday houses.. so i assumed they'd be cruising up and down the coast with their maxis..

is that just be dreaming?

is this project actually popular with locals?

Grumpy Goat said...

If you think the differences between Palm Jebel Ali's plan and reality are significant, you might be surprised and possibly even alarmed by what's happening over at The World.

Anonymous said...

Palm jebel ali looks exactly like it does in the plans, the newest ones that is, not ones from 2004 or so.

For the world, that's not the outer barrier. I think they way they're building it is they move upwards with that landmass (the one that looks like a barrier) and sculpt the islands out of that. Also that picture of the world is way too old. Check out the one at this link and you can see the outer barrier shaping up:


They have changed plans drastically though. Just as they crammed more houses onto palm jumeirah they've done this on a more extreme scale for the world. Before they were selling these for people to build their private houses and stuff but they probably couldn't so they're building loads of resorts now. Look at this:
They sold all of the australia part to these guys, seems a good bit more dense than one villa per island. I wonder how the boat traffic will compare with the main road traffic, lol

trailingspouse said...

If they are going to build resorts on the World it will be a logistical nightmare and I'm interested to see how they will handle it.

At one time they were not going to allow construction companies building on the outer rim of Palm Jumeirah to bring materials in by road (because it would upset the villa owners). Mr TS was involved in figuring out how to bring everything in required for a resort complex via containers from Jebel Ali. They were talking 50+ containers A DAY for 2+ years which would have to be landed, unstuffed, the containers returned and the materials distributed on a "just in time" basis. Everything from cement to palm trees. Also think about the workers who will build all this stuff. Sure, they can build a camp out there for the labourers, but there will be hundreds of managerial level staff who will have to be shipped out there on a daily basis.
Horrendous costs involved.

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