27 December, 2006

'181' calls now going to be more expensive

New Year's gift from Etisalat:

Etisalat has defended plans to triple the cost of its 181 directory enquiries service, saying it’s needed to improve service and insisting that anyone given an incorrect number will not be charged. Etisalat has announced its 181 service will now cost dhs1 for the first minute followed by 50 fils per 30 seconds, up from 30 fils per minute previously.

Another alternative is dialing 7000-1-7000 and I think these are charged at Dhs1.20 per minute.


DG said...

Only in the UAE, competition leads to an increase in prices. This is just the beginning, prepare yourself mentally for more "gifts" in the coming months. I think the time is not very far when people will remember the good old "etisalat monoply" days :-)

click_310 said...

So if 181 gives out an incorrect number who should the customer call for the refund/correct number? 181? :p

kochumanavalan said...

The last time I called 181 for the number of a restaurant in Al Ain, the reply was: "You should call 7000-1-7000 for the number."

I think I was charged 30 fils for that call.

M. Majora said...

It'd be amusing if they started charging for 999 and 997 calls, eh?

I can see it happening. Those greedy bastards.

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