10 December, 2006

Tehran Times renames GCC

TT calls it the PGCC. That's a petty.


fellow atheist said...

Well, it is the Persian Gulf long before it was anything else. Besides, is it "that petty" or "that's a pity"? Not a native English speaker here, but "that's a petty" sounds a bit odd to me.

John B. Chilton said...

Yes, "that's a petty" was meant to be a play on words.

As regards the GCC, it is a matter of respect to call a body by the name it has given to itself. And I note the GCC could have chosen to give itself a more provocative name such as Arab GCC. It didn't.

Slagothor said...

Well, the content of the article is generally trite and condescending. For example:

Although the Iraqi government has spared no effort to deal with the security crisis, clearly, as long as extremist ideas are not uprooted in neighboring Arab countries, it will not be possible to resolve the problem.

These extremist ideas, which are the ideological origins of the Arab terrorists, are threatening regional and global security.

Modifying the closed traditional tribal systems of the Arab countries in the region is the only way to confront this extremist ideology.

We are living in modern times and the expiration date of this uncivilized way of thinking has arrived. Thus, regional Arab governments should try to find strategies to modify their systems.

Hearing the Iranians lecture anybody about non-modernity and religious extremism is a pretty blatant case of "pot, meet kettle..."

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