22 December, 2006

Let's Remember Our Common Bond

Some if not most of the most bitter and violent arguments take place between people who for all intents and purposes share a common bond--husband and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters, etc. Those who each claim to be adherents to the same faith or creed, say Shiite or Sunni or in days gone by Catholics and Protestants, have waged the cruelist of battles against each other.

The point I'm trying to make is that people, regardless of how related or unrelated they are, share differences of opinion, beliefs, lifestyles, etc. Success in any community, society, organization, nation, etc. depends on people remaining civil and accepting one another despite these differences.

Recently, there has been a spate of hate-mongering among comments to this blog, where some would denegrate others just because they are not of a particular nationality, for example, or not of the speaker's faith, beliefs, etc. Are we not all human beings, who belong to a common family? It would be nice, decent and civil if those who post such comments, whatever their pet peave with any other nationality, creed or lifestyle would remember this.

Everyone, whatever plot of land he happens to occupy on the earth, has a postive contribution to make to those around him or her. If anyone thinks their religion, for example, teaches otherwise than that religion serves to denegrate humanity more than foster the respect and love it ought to. Love and respect or not Western, Hindu, Christian or Muslim principles. They are universals.


blogrosh said...

Nicely said BD. I agree with your sentiments. Let us hope we see each other as human beings first, who perhaps came from the same heavenly creator, but was born into different homes & cultures - which are all man made and is of short purpose only whilst on this planet.

EnglishTeacher365 said...

Yeah, that's right. And be nice to cats too. They have feelings too, don't you know. And refrain from kicking that dog - unless the bugger bites you first!!

MD said...

Well-said BD. Sadly, such words are too theoretical these days. Conflict is in human nature.

If UAEC didn't offer it's share of criticizing and whining, it wouldn't be as popular. People LOOK for gossip and an opportunity to pass derogatory comments. Same case as the 7Days Letters pages. It's always the 'bitching' letters that gets a lot of comments while.

Of course, not everyone falls in that category but they're still a majority.

Stained said...

well said BD....I agree completely...we all have our views...share it but don't go out of your way to critisize other people's views....live & let live...simple...

@EnglishTeacher365...hmm...I kinda agree....I hate animal torture

azucenamaryam said...

love thy neighbor if you can find him

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