15 December, 2006

Dubai Land of Slavery

A very interesting video on youtube.

Link courtesy of click.


Prometheus said...

"Growing pains".

BD said...

Thanks for that link. Didn't have a chance to see the 20/20 video. This story, by the way, can be spun in different ways, but there's no escaping the truth. It's all so obvious to any one who lives here.

Anonymous said...

How many times are you going to bring this subject up, its almost an obsession, its getting boring.
They are working on it.. so give this country a break

Anonymous said...

I don't pay attention to any of the articles who compare those laborers treatments to slavery.

BD said...

The issue will come up again and again (thankfully) until it's solved. If it is such a nuisance to the Anonymous commenters above, why click that link. That's pretty lame, you know.

Anonymous said...

"A really disturbing report" Elizabeth Vargas finishes with, and it is. Of course they're not slaves, but perhaps not far from it. The TV segment only brings up particular aspects and of course doesn't tell the full story. But what do you expect on prime-time US network TV? They don't have time for the full story, they only have time for the juicy bits they can fit in, in between the commercials.

This is an important issue that seems to be getting growing attention in other countries. It should be brought up as much as possible so it can be discusses and dealt with. Saying something should not be brought up and discussed means ignoring it.

Like any society, the UAE has to deal with these sorts of issues in order to move on and be a productive and respected member of the world-society.

Anonymous said...

Dubai Land of Gridlock

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