06 December, 2006

Women's volleyball attracts a crowd in Qatar

Pictures here.


localexpat said...


Anonymous said...

& that's only the asian games! wait til they (or dubai or whereever!!) get the olympics!by cracky!!

fellow atheist said...

Bahahaha.. that's funny. Then again, most people have not had the luck to see Qatari women. They blow all the Japenese players out of the water. Too bad they're not competing.

You can't really blame the Qatari men for any of this. Rarely do they get a chance to do anything. Qatar is quite possibly the most boring country in the world.

I lived in Qatar. Wouldn't do it again if you put a gun to my head. To be fair though, the Qatari people are a geniune people and probably the closest you can get to true bedouin culture of generosity and kindness. They just don't have much to do!

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why there's so much Italian women's pro volleyball on the Dubai Sports Channel?

Prometheus said...

"While Al Nabit watched the volleyball under sufferance to show that Qatar accepts others' ways and views,..."

Oh woe, oh pain. The torture of having to watch women athletes.

Anonymous said...

Prometheus forgot to get into third person mode. Here it is

Prometheus thinks of the woe, oh the pain. Prometheus thinks of the The torture of having to watch the women athletes.

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