10 December, 2006

Gmail users, read this!

Google’s Gmail: Still far from perfect by ZDNet's Donna Bogatin -- Does Google’s new “Mail Fetcher” signify that Gmail just “became perfect,” as Michael Arrington gushes? NO. Why not? Because nothing has changed in Google’s fundamental “your data is Google’s data” philosophy, which I put forth in “Free Google Gmail: The high price you pay”: Do you believe the contents of every personal and business email you ever [...]


Anonymous said...

So is it illegal to retain the employees passports in the UAE ?

A certain media company in the UAE just took everyones passport today. Pretty much a case of hand it over or lose your job.

Ahh the fun things these people get away with in sandland.

The labor law section on the ministry of labor website does not have one reference to the word "passport" on it. Go see for yourself

Then they wonder why the outsiders think that the middle east is backward.

Hopefully there are enough smart Emaratis around who will stand up and stop their compatriots from making their nation look bad.

Anonymous said...

it's illegal. any advocate will confirm this. some companies choose a "hand over your passport or forgo your labour card" tactic.

Anonymous said...

Could you perhaps explain to us what connection to the UAE your Gmail post has, please?

And what's up with all the employee passport commentt?

Anonymous said...


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