13 December, 2006


Any idea why it is blocked, and why it is not "officially" blocked? Is everyone else getting a "network busy" error message?

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secretdubai said...

It's not blocked - there is just some DNS fk up going on. To get it to work, you have to make sure that proxy1.emirates.net.ae/8080 is in your proxy settings in your internet/browser options. (Normally, depending on your modem configuration, you don't actually need this setting as you'll be going through the proxy automatically).

If proxy1.emirates.net.ae/8080 is there, and it's still not working, then try taking it out and seeing if that helps.

This problem also affected XJournal for me, the Mac client I use to post to LiveJournal. Once I put the proxy settings back in, it worked fine.

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