22 December, 2006

American pastor denies flashing on the Dubai-Al Ain highway

Gulf News:
Flashing denied

The suspect refused to yield to the plaintiff even though he gave him the high beam to do so. H.A. told the police that J.H. flashed his middle finger as soon as his car came near the suspect's vehicle.

The victim then reported the incident to the police after taking down the car plate number. Later the police summoned the suspect who denied the charge. He said he did not flash his finger. The court acquitted him for lack of strong evidence. The plaintiff may still appeal this verdict.
Reaction to the use of the middle finger varies by region.


Stained said...

Showing the middle finger....hmm...its quite common among college going students to vent there anger at other drivers by cutting & showing their middle fingers...seen it several times..

How can a victem provide strong evidence for such an incident...its absurd to think that a individual will have evidence like a photograph or something of the suspect while he shows the finger...

fellow atheist said...

What is more absurd is the police wasting their time to summon someone for that.

gibbon said...

Hmmmm....unproven charge....why was the accused profession mentioned...how did it even come up, I wonder...

Lirun said...

someone once told me the history of the middle finger gesture..

apparently in the battles between the french and the english - at a time that the english had the upper hand - they used to chop off the index finger of french bowsmen who were caught.. (quite brutal if you ask me)

so in order to annoy the english forces the average frenchmen would flash his middle finger as a sign of defiance.. to show that he could in fact still use a bow and arrow..

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