10 December, 2006

Campaign to get City 7 TV a new table

Has anyone watched the latest addition to the plethora of TV channels on offer? Yes, City 7 TV launched a few days ago and promises to bring a mix of local and international programming to Dubai in english.

This is Dubai, the city with all that money sloshing about and yet they can't afford a decent coffee table on their one and only sea view set. It looks like one of those horrible chipboard ones that collapse if you put anything heavier than a coffee cup on it.

Come on City 7, lets see a bit of money spent on your set. Maybe The One might give you a few bits if you give them a plug in return. In the meantime, Al Ain Taxi is open for offers on 'That Taxi Show' live from a Nissan Sunny.


Anonymous said...

they can't afford a decent coffee table on their one and only sea view set

What are you talking about? I'm afraid you've lost me.

Al Ain Taxi said...

City 7 is a new TV channel based in Dubai. Its on channel 140 on E Vision, I'm not sure about the other satellite packages.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have noticed that for some time now. Have you also noticed how each of the ladies shines under the sun & they can barely open their eyes & watch the camera!
Personally I think most of the programmes are poorly produced & directed.. so poor that it reminds me the old days of Ch 33; even though I loved that channel :)

You need to shape up City 7!!

You'll find the ch on Nilesat 101 at 11862 Ver. & we are talking about their live programmes!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it yet, I don't have satellite, but you paint a pretty good picture. Glad too see people are watching!

secretdubai said...

Bear in mind that this channel has a micro-budget, and original programming is excruciatingly expensive to produce. Broadcast news, for example, costs thousands of dollars PER MINUTE.

Al Ain Taxi said...

But a just a new table would make all the difference to the look of the set. Visually, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

I'm surprised that the channel hasnt received more sponsorship offers from local companies yet; you'd think that a local furniture store would jump at the chance of furnishing their set in return for a plug, at least in the end credits.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We can't agree more! Keep coming with the support and any donations are gratefully received!!! xxxx CITY7 MOLE!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the quality TV programmes on City7? It's a veritable revolution from the plethora of rubbish and violence on other kiddies channels in the UAE. I have viewed quality Children's BBC programmes on this channel in the early evenings. Thank you so much City7 for giving my children something safe, fun and educational to watch. But please could you publish your TV listings somewhere so that I know exactly what is on when for my kiddies.

city 7 said...

Thanks so much for the compliments, anon! In addition to the acquired children’s programming you mention, our original production, ‘Kids Club’ is a huge hit with Dubai kiddies. We are also becoming the source for local news and community information. As for our listings, they are now published daily in Khaleej Times and weekly in Time Out. Unfortunately other daily publications -- such as Dubai’s self-proclaimed ‘community newspaper’ -- are so far not interested in publishing our listings. Hopefully that will change!

Anonymous said...

Please let me know who owns City 7. Who are the shareholders?

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