17 December, 2006

Jockey Payout

"The United Arab Emirates says it will give $9m (£4.6m) to former child camel jockeys employed in the country.
The UAE says the money will ensure they receive the salaries owed to them and compensation for losing their income. It will also go towards education.

The move is part of a joint programme with the UN children's agency Unicef.

The initiative has seen more than 1,000 former jockeys, from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and Mauritania repatriated to their countries."

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click_310 said...

This is going to set a nice precedent.


nzm said...

Anything to avoid a lawsuit which would bring more unsavoury attention to the UAE!

But welcome, nonetheless.

Too often we hear of plans like this, with grand amounts of money being promised, only to find that most of the money gets eaten up in bureaucracy, administration, wages and support expenses for the people who are put in place to provide the support and education.

I sincerely hope that the boys do receive all the monies owing to them.

anonymous lurker said...

9million??? you have got to be kidding me. that's is chump change.

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