02 December, 2006

Good Showing

Opening for Asian Games pretty impressive--at least what I saw of it.

So, will Qatar have a shot at the 2016 Olympics? They plan to bid, but I say no way. Dubai in 2020? Yes, they've got a shot. Better yet, they ought to all go for it as the Gulf Olympics 2020.


black belt 1st dan,shotokan! said...

so, if dubai does get the olympics, will they let those dirty jew boys (aka Israel) participate? hey,it's a valid question!

Woke said...

Reports say Doha is hiring too many foreign volunteers to make up for the lack of local involvement. This is besides the shortage of accomodation issue at the athletes village.

Is Dubai ready to host the Olympics?

localexpat said...

don't think the jews will be allowed... i mean if you got an Israeli entry stamp in your passport you are not allowed in the country ( that is if they notice it at the airport)...you think they let the country participate?


Woke said...

Israeli athletes must have a special visa processed for them without much fanfare. If not Doha wouldn't be allowed to host the games in the first place.

BD said...

I saw a recent documentary on Al Jezeera showing how Palestinian athletes were barred from leaving Gaza by Israel to participate in international qualifying events. So it seems to work--or not work--both ways. Israelis are largely denied entry into many Arab countries and Palestinians are largely denied by Israel the right to travel outside of the territories.

Obviously, however, no host city hopeful would risk their chance of being awarded the Games by refusing to admit any national team--at least not before the fact.

Lirun said...


all i can do is laugh..

israel having a genuine dispute in its immediate region is expelled from the asian games for merely engaging in its disagreement..

however.. iran head of state unilaterally threatening israel's existence without provocation and happily skipping off to compete? thats fine - asia and the olympic committee dont mind.. nazi germany burning 6M jews in one hand and throwing shotput with the other all the while hosting an actual olympic event!?!?! thats fine - the world didnt care..



whether doha lets us in or not - the sunrise will still shine the next morning..

as my grandmother would say.. alla maakum..

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