02 December, 2006

UAE celebrates 35th National Day today!

The UAE is celebrating its 35th National Day today. Our prayers and best wishes to a country that is home to more than a 100 nationalities. A country that welcomes people from all cultures and communities. A country where people come to make their dreams come true, and do.

As the UAE prepares to move further with its electoral process and a million other progressive things, we wish the best for its people, both local and expats, and hope to see things getting better and better for everybody in the time to come.

It's great to be in the UAE!

Farrukh Naeem
Copywriter, journalist and advertising blogger in the UAE

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iraq said...


Anonymous said...

And I thought nobody would remember to post something about it here in UAE community blog..

Eid Al Ittihad! :D

goodness said...


MD said...

Thanks for posting this. Hope everyone has a good day :)

Anonymous said...

Happy UAE National Day :)

ray magliozzi said...

o happy day!

farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Dani, MD, World of Symphony, Ray Magliozzi - greetings and kullu aam wa antum bikhair.

blogrosh said...

Happy National day yall.

Balushi said...

so much of celebrations is going around, Eid, Xmas, national day, Dsf, Himesh Reshmaiya's new movie and bla bla bla

BUT still no one has a reason to be happy about!

blogrosh said...

"BUT still no one has a reason to be happy about!"

What makes u say that Balushi?

Anonymous said...

^^ he celebrate Pakistan's independence day perhaps?

anonymous lurker said...

anyone a little creaped out by the kid dangling out of the care window???

fellow atheist said...

anon lurker,

No. It's celebration time. Everyone should just get loose a bit.

Happy Ittihad day! (a bit late, but better late than never).

Despite all my whining (and most of us expats'..) I love Dubai and the UAE!

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