12 December, 2006

Blogger beta issues

It appears that being a member of UAE community may screw up your ability to switch to Blogger beta/new Blogger, because Blogger hasn't yet implemented support for blogs of more than 1,000 posts. (We have 1,600+).

They say they will eventually implement it, so you have the choice of

(1) waiting until whenever to migrate your personal blog(s), or

(2) being deleted from UAE community blog and rejoining when the issue is finally resolved.

I will keep a list of anyone who requests removal, and send you all invites as soon as UAE community is able to make the switch. To this end can anyone wanting temporary deletion please email me - secretdubai at gmail - and put "deletion" in the subject header? This will help me organise things if there are a lot of requests.

Unfortunately it is apparently no longer possible to set up new old-style Blogger accounts. This means that (unless you already have an existing separate old-style Blogger account) once you get yourself deleted and migrate, you won't be able to re-join until Blogger resolves the "big blog" issue. Previously we had suggested that people set up temporary accounts. This also presumably means that new bloggers won't be able to join yet (as their Blogger accounts will all be new-style and incompatible). If you decide on deletion, but still desperately want to post something, do feel free to email me with it and I will post it on your behalf.


trailingspouse said...

I just got an invite to upgrade my blogger account. If I do that, will I not be able to post on the community blog?

Harsha said...

As long as I can comment I dont mind being deleted.. I dont make any postings anyway.

BD said...

I found your post a bit confusing, SD, until I went to the Blogger site and read more. It seemed you were suggesting, among other things, that switching the UAE Community blog to the beta format might adversely effect our own blogs--which got me worried. Instead, it is simply a case that our current Blogger (standard) log-ins will no longer allow us to post to the UAE Community.

That should be no big deal as anyone can easily accept a new invite and set up a Google account with which to post from. I've been through the process and it is very simple.

On re-reading your post, SD, it really seems that you are warning of some danger: It appears that being a member of UAE community may screw up your ability to switch to Blogger beta/new Blogger... But, I don't see how the UAE Community's shift to beta will have any impact on anyone else's blog or account--thus I don't get the need for anyone to be deleted from the UAE Community blog.

My read of the standard/beta switch is simply that those without beta accounts will just no longer be able to post to the community blog--no big deal if he/she then just accepts a new invite to open a Blogger/Beta account.


Prometheus said...

Umm.. SD, Prometheus did get an invite to join the Beta cult. So it aint like Google's biaised against us UAEComm folks. But there is the probability that the new dashboard will not show UAEComm at all, since it might not be possible for Goog to show one Beta blog and one non-Beta blog in the same dashboard.

BD said...

The Blogger site says that the beta dashboard will show non-beta blogs but they will be greyed and non-clickable.

The site also says that blogger accounts are being gradually invited to switch, rather all at once. So, it's probably a matter of chance.

samuraisam said...

read this for more info.

BD said...

Thanks for that link Sam. I, however, don't care for the new Blogger, although obviously it has handier functions for novice users. To me, it just adds another layer of editors that just get in the way, and worse, make it in fact harder to do your own thing.

New Blogger, new Coke... Hate 'em!

trailingspouse said...

Hmmm. Still confused. Ah well, as my Yorkshire grandma used to say . . . if in doubt, do nowt. I guess I'll just wait until I HAVE to upgrade.

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