19 December, 2006

Unity in Nativity

It's the festive season and (although some assure me that it is a pagan festival), I wish to extend the spirit of peace and good will to all.

Muslims revere Jesus (may peace be upon him) as one of the holiest personalities who ever lived. The miraculous story of his birth is mentioned in Surah Maryam, a chapter of the Quran named in honour of his mother, Mary.

The season also coincides this year with the Hajj pilgrimage. This includes recollections of the actions of Abraham (may peace be upon him) and his family.

So, season's greetings to all.


MD said...

Season's greetings and I hope we have a peaceful Hajj this year, Insha'allah :)

nzm said...

Thank you, Mohammed - peace be with you also.

Seabee said...

Thank you Mohammed. Seasons greetings to you.

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