23 December, 2006

Season’s Greetings


MD said...

Still two days to go! Merry Christmas everyone :))

gibbon said...

Absolutely fantastic, Ishkandar! Did you draw this yourself or did you get it somewhere?

I'm truly amazed. I love cartoons, but this one is terrific. A superb piece of satire on the Dubai situation without saying a single word. I presume the tree itself represents the one in the Mall of the Emirates ("biggest", "highest", etc.). Hats off to the cartoonist.

nzm said...

Thanks Ishkandar for the wishes.

The cartoon is wonderful!

It's truly a representation of build it, and they will come!

archer14 said...

Awesome cartoon! If this is your work, are you the anonymous dude who posts spoofs of etisalats and mashreq banks webpages?

A Merry Xmas to everyone at the community here!

Stained said...

Merry Christmas to all...

nice cartoon :D

gibbon said...

nzm...it's takes on a bit more poignancy when you say:

"Build it, using slave labour, in the name of pot-bellied consumerism..."

It beautifully reflects the Dubai approach...I think the artist communicated that amazingly well.

nzm said...

gibbon: heh! I was being polite - you know, Christmas and being a guest in the country and all that!

BD said...

Right, uhm Bah.. I mean, Merry Christmas and all that jazz. Actually I thought the cartoon was just a cheezy Christmas greeting, not noticing who were pulling the sleds. Nice tongue'n cheek form.

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