28 December, 2006

New Blogger & Gmail not working?

Anyone else experiencing problems? I have not been able to log in to either--the login pages don't even load--since Wednesday (27 Dec) afternoon. Tried it at different computers and on different networks.


Emirates Mac said...

I had problems yesterday with all different web sites, including Google. It was especially secure connections (https://) that kept timing out.

DG said...

Same problem here. Add MSN Messenger & hotmail to the list too.

Bluey said...

Yes. New (beta) blogger is not connecting at all when attempting to log in.

Other sites seem slow.

I am assuming this is a UAE specific (pwoxy / itcostsalot) problem?

It's a bugger when you are doing a one photo everyday blog and you struggle to log in...

P.S. Even trying to post here using a beta account doesn't go through.

Are those f*uckers heading towards blocking blogger?

Anonymous said...

Apparently all traffic on nonstandard ports was being blocked (or slowed down)

443,22,5800,5900 are some of the few.

OMG etisuck broke th3 interweb.. or their tubes got clogged

Anonymous said...

Yep as Emirates Mac pointed out, it was mostly traffic on the secure protocol that was timing out. A fix I discovered was to set the proxy servers for both http and https traffic to proxy1.emirates.net.ae:8080. That fixed web log ons but MSN Messenger and POP access to GMail is still down.

I wonder if it's related to this; http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/12/27/061227100430.q1satn81.html

Seabee said...

I had problems most of the day too - it seemed to be OK in the Free Zones area though. Later in the evening they seemed to get it more-or-less sorted out.
There was also a news item I caught a part of on radio saying something about under-ocean cable damage somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Spoke to Etisilat yesterday and they told us that the earthquake near Taiwain has damaged a cable. therefore they are prioritising http traffic only

GIbbs said...

Why does Etisalat always blame a quake or something? They probably just spilt tea on the servers again.


BD said...

Earthquake in Taiwan? India, Europe or even the US East coast I can see, but Taiwan!?

Anyway, things seem to be back to normal today.

Anonymous said...

I also experience the same problems. No Gmail, no Hotmail. You expect Etisalat to look at their lousy junk filled email!!

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