05 December, 2006


Big report, but worth the read. SERIOUSLY!( 800kb)

Human Rights Watch report on human rights violations in Dubai (mainly among the working class labourers).


BD said...

Would be nice to let us know what it is we're supposed to read.

Mme Cyn said...

A Human Rights Watch report. I loved the one where they told the Powers That Be that they needed to implement a reasonable minimum wage. How on earth could they afford their 25% (?) annual growth if they had to actually pay for it?

Thanks for the link.

fellow atheist said...

People should refrain from posting this type of misleading garbage. The content is of interest to a lot of us, but by intentionally not being explicit about what it is, you make yourself and the entire UAE Community blog look like a bunch of 10 year old kids.

See how Chilton (emirates economist) posts and learn from him.

blogrosh said...

Fellow atheist - not sure what you are referring to? I read most of the report, infact, I printed and read it on the bus ride to work.

I am just upset reading this report. I do not place all blame the UAE or it's government for it, but the hundreds of criminal & unscrupulous firms that treat this men with such inhumanity. I am curious to know how many of the labour supply firms and contractors themselves are subcons?

Dubai is growing (well atleast in the property development) way much faster than it can handle or is prepared for. Given the lack of stringent laws and regulations and given the "wasta" ways of working - there are cronies out there who will use such flaws in the system to rob the poor & helpless blind!

I am just so frustrated reading this report. Treating these souls is in direct contrast to the sentiments of this nation's founding fathers.

localexpat said...

my apologise... will correct the entry

fellow atheist said...

blogrosh, I am not commenting on the report or its content -- merely the post itself. It needs to be clearer. I think localexpat understood what I meant. It is certainly of interest to a lot of us -- and whether it upsets you or not is beside the comment I've made.

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