14 December, 2006

You think so...?

Terrence Howard, telling us at the L.A. premiere of The Pursuit of Happyness that he's going to Dubai with his kids for the holidays. "It's an amazing place. I want my children to see a place where people of color have made great strides and really have a chance."


Doubleletter said...

No comment on Howard's comment, but I'd like to say he's a great actor (Hustle and Flow)

Anonymous said...

Of course it's true. Or else why would YOU be here!

secretdubai said...

Oh god - the experience of most black westerners that I have met here is really not a happy one. Let alone the experience of Asian indians. I think by "people of colour" he must mean Gulf Arabs.

nativeinformant said...

yes but if you are black and famous, it is a whole different Dubai experience, isn't it?

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