20 December, 2006

Just Do It!

Reality check: 95 percent of Americans have premarital sex

At the rate things are going in Dubai, the UAE is not too far behind.


Anonymous said...

We needed proof that Americans are whores and manwhores? I thought it was part of the definition of the word American in any decent dictionary.

And the only reason Dubai is on its way is because said whores are allowed into this country. ban all foreigners. I can live on almost nothing. I don't need what we have been tricked into thinking we need.

Actually, give citizens licenses to kill foreigners. that would be much more fun!

I haven't been part of a lynch mob in ages!

This story has to do with the UAE how?

Anonymous said...

hha anonymous, do you really think its only the foreigners having premarital sex?

you are so naive, it makes me laugh.

BUT the killing concept or blaming the foreigners is not funny at all (blame yourselves).

Its just a shame in general that this rate is accelerating in such a fast pace.

I guess morals and principles are not really taught anymore. :/

Sex and Dubai said...

@ Anonymous 2311:

Ignorant xenophobes like you will lead to the rapid detrioration of values in the UAE.

Please scurry back to your desert hole before you get contaminated by the evil that foreigners pass on.

If you want the definition of man-whores, please hit Dhiyafah Street on Thursday night and see what your "local" boys get upto.

secretdubai said...

And the only reason Dubai is on its way is because said whores are allowed into this country. ban all foreigners. I can live on almost nothing. I don't need what we have been tricked into thinking we need.

I think you'll find that Gulf men are the main customer base for sex workers, not expatriates. Whatever you might have been brainwashed into thinking.

star jonez said...

anonymous 2311,u r an idiot!
filipinas rule!!!!!!!!!

hardco filipino said...

yeah filipinaa kabin kabang kapo po pi bo bo bang bang nang PO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You said it "hardco", flippin bara po po mo kara kong bang bang po po!!!

marwan said...

Some of our 'commentators' are a waste of oxygen.

Sex and Dubai said...

With respect to our Pinoys, can we please revert back to the topopic?

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Sorry, I dont log into my personal accounts on other computers.

The 1st post was mine.

Lets go back to basic sociology, for those who didn't take it back in the day.

you can only be influenced by 2 factors. internal, and external. they types of each kind are man, but thats it. EVERYTHING a person learns is either innate or taught to him/her.

We, the gulf, didnt have 90% of the problems we had before oil. sure, we were simpler people, but the problems weren't here.

So tell me, what changed? the external factors. foreigners and their influence. simple.

When you have a bunch of westerners come ever, you cannot ask them to leave their customs and habits behind.

True, blaming foreigners is easy, but in this case it's true. And you expect when 80% of a population are whores that they wont influence the remainder? no, I know how it really is, sadly, you my friend have no idea.

If all the foreigners weren't here, those "local" boys wouldn't even know what a whore was. ok, maybe the 3 old pakistani women who were whores in Dubai in 1960, but I'd much rather that then what I see now.

Xenophobe? hardly, I'm a nationalist. This country bends over backwards for "modernization" at the expense of our own. and I for one dont give a damn about you, or anyone else that isnt from here. you're thoughts on here are as significant as you are to this country's well being. Detremental!

pray that you arent in this country if I ever "win" an election. Plus, shouldn't you be in a kitchen somewhere? Can you even cook?

Yes, i'm sexist too!

Sex and Dubai said...

@ Blessing in Tragedy:

Nature vs Nurture i.e. internal vs external influences as you
simplistically put it, is an endless debate and each camp has its
followers. Seeing experts cant decide we won't add anything to the debate.

You jump to the conclusion that anyone who has premarital sex is a whore and if that is what you think then the men of the UAE are so far gone that even the word whore would be an understatement! And that's only premarital sex, adultery deserves a whole post of it's own.

1. Your boys were doing each other, before whores (Pakistani or otherwise)came into the country, yes we mean homosexuality. This counts as premarital sex too, in case you were wondering.

2. Like as if you didn't already know - there's a whole load of Emirati call girls and hookers. Judging from your hypocrisy you are probably their sterling client. And don’t get us started on the number of girls and guys who think it's not sex if you take it from behind.

3. You are reinforcing the stereotype of the brainless UAE national who cannot make up his own mind or hold on to his own belief system. Foreigners aren't here to take corrupt your culture, they are here to make the most of it for themselves. Also, if it wasn't for foreigners you wouldn't even have learned how to read/write/speak ENGLISH...and let's not even get into using the net and BLOGGING.! phlbt!

4. While promoting that you are a nationalist and a sexist you forgot to add that you were also judgemental and narrow minded. You also assumed that we are not from here but you have no conclusive evidence of this. If you ever win an election, you are correct in assuming we will leave because that would mean that single cell organisms masquerading as humans (YES that would be you) would have taken over.

poo said...

a blessing in tragedy

Were you eligible to vote in the FNC election ?
Did not see you name on the Abu Dhabi list, am guessing you were not,(please correct me if you were and I missed your name and accept my apologies for brining it up).

If you were not eligible, then why not stand up to the lobby that pushes modernization/westernization in your company. You know who am talking about. You seem like a smart and sensible guy, am sure they will listen to you. Or will they?

Am willing to bet that if you make the statement you made above in front of them, they'll tell you to STFU.
Although I don't agree with your line of thinking that the west or east corrupted your people, I do understand where you are coming from. Good luck fixing it.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Laughable. this coming from a person who's blog is about being a whore. sort of like debating the kindness of the Nazis with a self proclaimed neo-Nazi.

you're biased, and yes, the above basically means I just called you a whore in a nice way.

Narrow minded huh? once again, you come into my house and judge me with your own logic. doesnt fly honey. when in rome, do as the romans do.

I cant wait for the day when the UAE has NO signs in English and you are forced to wear the ninja outfit or be killed. I love Iran BTW.

I was indeed eligible to vote in our great and historic fake election. and as most sane people, i didnt for that exact reason. it was a marketing ploy.

Thank you for the good wishes, Where there's a will there's a way, and I'll figure it out somehow.

And you're right, i may be a bit eccentric, but it takes alot of noise to get a slither of change.

Anonymous said...

Aha how i miss Dubai. the sheer inanity of some of the discussion is mindblowing.

whats with you people , unable to have a conversation without resorting to us versus them.

betel chewer said...

Tragedy: what's happening in the UAE now (notice it's all somebody else's fault?).

Blessing: the individual here.

But take heart. He's going to sort it all out. With a machete, no less.

The election was fake, so we can start with the winners. Chop, chop. Not much hard work to be done after that, because most of the foreigners would have fled by then. So that'll leave just about 700,000 nationals to be sliced up (not all think like him, you see). Then Ol' Slappy can step out from the Greater and Lesser Tunbs, and take over the rest of the UAE. Ah, the blessing!

P.S. I notice most people seem to be assuming that "foreigners" means Westerners. Note this statement:

"And you expect when 80% of a population are whores that they wont influence the remainder?"

A figure of 80% evidently includes all expatriates. Of which an overwhelming majority are in fact, Asians. So it's basically the Asians he's talking about (when mathematically apportioning blame), not Westerners, who are a small minority...substantially less than the national population.

Read tomorrow's headline today:

"Housemaid, driver and gardner chopped up with machete...killer gets 3 months in jail and a bad conduct certificate."

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

3 months? hah. it'd be 3 hours and a suggestion not to do it again.

And I'd prefer it if you didn't use my name for any of your mind game, you don't know what it means and it is above you.

Wow! they actually teach you something in whatever hell hole you're from whore of dubai? nice. and yes, I am assuming its a hell hole because if it were not YOU would be THERE and not HERE

"You jump to the conclusion that anyone who has premarital sex is a whore and if that is what you think then the men of the UAE are so far gone that even the word whore would be an understatement! And that's only premarital sex, adultery deserves a whole post of it's own."

You just proved my point! this didn't start happening till foreigners started leaching in this part of the world. And it isn't jumping to conclusions, it is the law where you and I are sitting. maybe you don't know this, but last time I checked sex outside of wedlock in the UAE is PUNISHABLE in a court of law.

Might not be observed, but that is the law, and since we're both sitting in this country, it's not a conclusion, it's a fact. you = whore in the UAE court system.

Done yet honey? go back into the kitchen and leave the thinking to me, I'm better at it. see, that's a conclusion.


hardco pilipeeeno said...

Yo kara ango bango nang bang PO!!1! nin bung pung heehi ho

Anonymous said...

@"harco": bang bung po po kara ta mori cero te po po ei ;-)

Haroun El Poussah said...

@ Blessing In tragedy

Two things I know to be true in this world:

1. You are an idiot

2. If you keep arguing with Sex & Dubai, you are going to get your ass handed back to you in a bad way.

In relation to #2, you are an idiot so I know you won't listen

Anonymous said...

@ secretdubai

You are actually wrong, most of the customers are indians, pakistanis and Iranians.

softco hardco filipino said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
samuraisam said...

softco hardco filipino: STFU. KTHX.

As for the rest of you; please stop titling one another as whores / whatever, keep the commenting on topic and try not to fight.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone bother commenting in response to blog trolls? You just play right into their sticky little hands... "A blessing in tragedy" is just jerking your chains...it really doesn't mean what it says - it's just a troll. Ignore it and save yourselves the grief.

Sex and Dubai said...

@ anonymous: Exacttly our point thanks. This is precisely why we won't be dignifying "the tragedy" with a related response.

P.S. (20 bux says he will respond saying it's because we have nothing else to argue and silence is an acceptance of defeat)

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

AED, we don't use whore money here.

Wasn't expecting that, were you?

I'll be handed my ass in a bad way huh? 24 years, 8 countries, and much smarter professors haven't yet, the whore of Dubai is? Make a little sense please.

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