14 December, 2006

A new blog with a Global Theme

Global Themes Blog is launching this week.

Contributors from all over the world - starting with Abu Dhabi, Boston, Dubai, Stockholm and Tel Aviv - will post images each week which address a particular theme. Some are already members of the UAE Blogging Community too, as this is the forum in which we all came together and got to know each other's blogs!

This week, the theme is Water.

This is a chance to see the world from different eyes and camera angles, and different issues from diverse perspectives while global music plays in the background, such as "The Gypsy Girl" by Nikos Kypourgos.

Come on over to Global Themes, and if you want to join in the fun, click on the email link at the top of the right-hand column on the GT blogsite and request membership.

Thanks to the UAE Community Blog moderators for suggesting that we post this here as a shameless self-promotional plug for some light-hearted blogging fun!

1 comment:

pearlofdubai said...

very cool idea. will definitely check it out.

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