02 December, 2006

Rainy National Day

It's a bit ironic that National Day comes with rain across the country--hardly typical UAE fare. How many times have you heard (or thought today) it's like Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines... in my case Louisiana? It is nice for a change, unless you're on the road. The two or three times a year that it rains are plenty enough for me. I'm sure residents of New Dubai recall the rains of last February with crossed fingers, hoping that it doesn't happen again! Anyone with photos of today's spectacle? Or a rain report from where you are?

150 km west of Abu Dhabi city on the great Habshan/Bab gas reservoir it has been intermittent rain all day, some heavy showers.

Threatening clouds above Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina


Anonymous said...

Rain ?

BD said...

Excellent amateur video--nice to see stills rather than jumpy video. It captures the mood just right. Didn't catch when the video was shot...?

Anonymous said...

today @ ~1000

Anonymous said...

And that song is just as awesome too, where can I get the whole version?

blogrosh said...

BD, I think often when it rains in the UAE, it's a positive sign. There were years, when we got no rain at a strectch and people held prayers for some rain.

So, I think for some rain to fall on the national day is a very positive sign :)

BD said...

Showing your true colors Blogrosh: red, green, white and black!

blogrosh said...

thanks :)

nzm said...

Louis: the song is It's raining Men by The Weather Girls - a much better version than the remake by Gerri Halliwell.

I'll look for it on Limewire.com for you!

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