15 December, 2006

Emirates Millionaire Show: For 59,000 UAE Millionaires Owning 1,500 Billion Dirhams

Emirates Palace
Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

H.H. Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, the Chamberlain of the Presidential Court opened yesterday the first Emirates Millionaire Show (EMS 2006) during an exceptionally alluring ceremony held at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, also the venue for the three-day show (December 14th - December 16th).

H.H. Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan said that that there are 59,000 UAE millionaires who own 1,500 billion dirhams (US $408 billion) and the number of UAE millionaires is growing %5 each year because of the rapid growth of UAE economy according to Emirates Today Arabic newspaper. He also added that %60 of those millionaires (35,400) are women.

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Do you have enough money to "qualify" to attend this show? I know I don't.

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samuraisam said...

I sure hope most millionaires have better things to be doing than telling other people of their wealth by attending the show

adam said...

very interesting to note :S

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is my invitation? >:(

Anonymous said...

where do you come up with this? haram!!!!!

Slagothor said...

Where is the show for thousandaires?

ali said...

Haraam indeed - AKA Showoff's?
Hmmmm... make me wonder lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, Its time for western to learn luxury is part of Arabs life style ! :)

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