09 December, 2006

Real estate agents steal photos

If true I guess it shows what some are prepared to do to make a quick dirham:
For every building in Dubai there is about 10 agents trying to flog apartments to people , and they all want cool pictures of construction progression to show clients especially those abroad, I mean i wouldn't make a payment on my property if i thought the construction had stopped. So what do the bigger estate agents do? Yes you guessed it they STEAL the photos from this forum [Skycityscraper.com] and post them on their own site without any credit to the original photographers who are just normal "little" people taking photos for the love of it and not for commercial gain.


Woke said...

I think you mean skyscrapercity.com These kind of photo thefts are bound to happen. Some photos in skyscrapercity are posed without permission and addressing copyrights too.

So I guess the only solution for a serious photographer is to watermark the photos or to never post them in high resolution.

Emirates Mac said...

Yes, my mistake. Thank you for the correction.

Editor TheDubaiLife.com said...

Thanks for the post. Any chance of getting our site on the blog links ? Please go on I will love thee forever.

dubaiflo said...

I am a forumer @ skyscrapercity.com and u need to keep one thing in mind: if someone at SSC posts a photo or rendering from any other site and does not quote a source (which we usually do actually in fact), there is a difference to what real estate agents do, because we don't want to gain money out of this.

BD said...

^^^ Agreed. Even if someone else's pic is posted at SSC.com no profit is earned on it. What's worse is when commercial sites take a photo from elsewhere and then stick their copywright mark on it. Ironically, business have the resources to go out and take hundreds of photos, yet they seldom do. While hobbiest spend their own time and money and do a far better job of monitoring what's going on.

Anonymous said...

So is it illegal to retain the employees passports in the UAE ?

A certain media company in the UAE just took everyones passport today. Pretty much a case of hand it over or lose your job.

Ahh the fun things these people get away with in sandland.

The labor law section on the ministry of labor website does not have one reference to the word "passport" on it. Go see for yourself

Then they wonder why the outsiders think that the middle east is backward.

Hopefully there are enough smart Emaratis around who will stand up and stop their compatriots from making their nation look bad.

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