14 December, 2006

Accident on SZR

I read about this just now. Apparently, it happened this morning around 7:30 a.m.? Anybody witnessed it? This is so sad...

At least eight labourers have been killed and 45 injured, 15 them of them seriously, in a ghastly accident on Shaikh Zayed Road in the wee hours on Thursday, when the bus in which they were travelling rammed into another van.

The accident occurred near Mall of Emirates on Shaikh Zayed Road. The dead are six Chinese, one Indian and one Pakistani.

The driver of the bus lost control and rammed into the van resulting the ghastly accident. Driver of the van also died.


ali said...

Ya'Allah! Hope they get their peace, and for all of you! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE ON THOSE ROADS, ESP Shk Zyd ROAD PLEASE!! =(

secretdubai said...

God how very sad. The merging of lanes on that ill-built junction (where the traffic flow from Barsha to Sheikh Zayed road actually crosses with the traffic flow leaving Sheikh Zayed road) has been a deathtrap waiting to happen. I wonder if it happened there?

Der Octalmaschine said...

Abu Dhabi still takes the cake for worst designed temporary road intersection -- the bypass from 22 to 11 going to dubai/sweihan, with 2-3 traffic circles on highways, with left-hand exits off those highways, and 2 lanes merging onto a highway -- the leftmost of which ends about 25m from the intersection, forcing people to move right in front of the other lane AND oncoming traffic. (difficult to describe). I noticed someone cutting me off at the first intersection, then went around and ended up cutting someone else off in the same way at the next intersection -- it's a horrible design, which could easily be fixed by just having only a single lane enter the road.

Luckily I was in a >350hp 1700kg car and could easily accelerate my way out of danger. A bus or truck would be a deathtrap.

localexpat said...


trailingspouse said...

Is it just me, or is anyone else sick and tired of the phrase The driver of the bus lost control? It sounds like the vehicle has a mind of its own and somehow diminishes the responsibility of the driver. If they know the cause of the accident then they should say so in plain language eg speeding, reckless driving, following too closely, driver fell asleep, whatever.

Kiwi Boy said...

SD, it didn't happen there. It was all on the main road, no junction involved. The bus driver went THROUGH the fence and the fence was crushed, along with the front of the minibus. It was horrid. I think there were about 7 ambulances on the spot when we passed by it, and we saw another one rushing there.

nzm said...

We saw the aftermath of the accident.

It happened in the southbound lanes heading towards Abu Dhabi, between the Al Barsha Interchange and the overbridge into MoE.

The bus was totalled - roof completely gone - looks like it tipped over. Didn't see the van, and from the looks of the bus, I didn't want to.

An earlier report on Gulf News website reported that 3 buses were involved.

There are 4 simple rules to follow when driving in the wet:
1. Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy - tyres, brakes, ventilation system, lights and wipers - and the driver!
2. SLOW DOWN in adverse conditions.
3. Turn on your lights (headlights to lowbeam and NOT your hazard lights) so that drivers in the spray behind you have a better chance of seeing you up ahead.
4. DOUBLE your following distance from the standard 2 secs in dry conditions to 4 seconds behind the car in front of you in the wet.

#s 1 and 4 are the ones that kill most in the UAE.

When the standard following distance is .02 secs from the back of the preceding car's bumper, .04 secs isn't going to make much difference in the wet or the dry!

And how many of those labourers' buses would be roadworthy with (at the least) decent tyres?

SIN said...

They had to cut through the roof to get to the people who were still alive inside. That whole area near the 4th interchange is a death trap...this past year alone I have witnessed bad accidents there, but nothing this horrific.

It scares me sometimes that one day my family, friends or even I just may end up as yet another statistic who lost their life on this road.

Anonymous said...

God...this is scary. I feel bad for the labourers; innocent passengers bear the brunt of drivers' actions.

BD said...

Somewhat related, how many have noticed trucks and other large vehicals on the roads with the dimmest of rear lights? Even on brightly lit highways lake SZR these slow moving, dark vehicles emerge out of nowhere as you approach them from behind. When cars are supposedly inspected yearly, how are these company-owned vehicles allowed on the roads with such dim and sometimes broken rear lamps. The companies here are allowed to cut so many corners, while everything we buy from them cost so much.

poo said...

Wonder if the workers will be compensated ?

a) They have no disability insurance,(none provided by their employer.
b) If they are not dead, goodbye ,"Blood Money".
c)They are brown, and replacable.

And if they are going to be compensated, wonder if the ministry of labor body part compensation price list applies ?
Compiled from this data

Anonymous said...

Evey one has to die. But we need to care. When we are moving on the road it doesn't mean we have to care about us only but we need to think about others as well. So be careful all the Drivers. Please

Carol said...

What a scary thought! I hope it was just a coincidence that the numbers went up like that. My thought and prayers for the speedy recovery of those who were affected. Keep safe everyone.

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