01 September, 2006

Back to School!

Recently I read an interesting post from Guy Kawasaki, which is basically a wish list of what student should learn in order to prepare for the real world after graduation.

The list is extremely practical and worth having a look at, by all readers.
See the full list here.


apple fan boy said...

I think Guy is a brilliant chap, especially with his work at Apple, but what is this doing here on the UAEBlog? Come on folks post relevant stuff if youre going to post!

secretdubai said...

I agree that there isn't an obvious blogging or UAE-related angle, but UAE comm members are invited to cross-post particularly interesting things from their own blogs.

If it ever gets to a stage where there are so many posts on UAE comm that people can't keep track, we'll try to regulate it to (or encourage people towards) certain more specifically relevant topics. But for now, I prefer people being free to make this place what they want. After all, it's nothing without the users. Anyone can register a blog name and invite people to join, but it's the members and their input that make it an active and interesting place.

apple fan boy said...

cross-posting is okay, not a problem I think. But increasingly theres stuff posted that has nothing to do with the emirates and that's not right, is it? I thought the whole idea here was that what's on this blog is related to the UAE

secretdubai said...

I do agree, and we are looking into it.

Btw if you drop me an email, I can send you a membership invitation. That way you can comment without moderation.

shansenta said...

A community blog is like an open board - from where everyone can choose to read / comment on anything that interests him/her. It needs control only when there's something derogatory to the taste / culture of the community members. Otherwise restricting the blog to only specific type of posts, needs defining the scope of the blog (under the masthead), with a master panel acting as a regulatory body. I'm happy to note that SD is already aware of this.

Regarding apple fan boy's concerns, I feel that the objective and the content (along with links) of the post was not comprehended fully. The post is NOT about Guy! It is about some practical advice which Guy bothered to put down perhaps for final year students, and which are extremely relevant today even for Expats / nationals who're working in UAE now! I did add a few lines for each, which are some pitfalls we face everyday while following those points! It is a combination of above points that makes the post relevant.

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