09 September, 2006

Dubai Villa For Sale For Dh57 Million

Dubai Villa For Sale For Dh57 Million
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(Picture by Chandra Balan)

I know living in Dubai is expensive, but not to this extend! An article in Emirates Today featured a seven-bedroom villa located in Emirates Hills that has been put on sale for Dh57 Million (US15.52 Million).

The villa belongs to an Arab-African business man who is still living in it with his family. He designed much of the house by himself. What's so "special" about this villa? The following are some of its features ...
  • Plot size of 30,490 square feet, out of which 29,152 sq ft is built-up. There are seven bedrooms with their own en-suite bathrooms
  • Three majlis halls and several sitting areas, lounges and studies
  • A formal dining room for 20 people
  • Two kitchens, a kitchenette, laundry and storage rooms
  • Eleven toilets with separate facilities for men and women
  • An underground car park
  • A private cinema and an entertainment room
  • 700 sq ft pool
  • A gym with a sauna and massage parlour
  • Two lifts, one for residents and another to carry food from kitchen to kitchenette
You see what you'll get? Is it worth the Dh57 Million or what?


Frances said...

No Way!! I can imagine the complete bodge job inside the villa, like all properties in Dubai, Good workmanship doesn’t exist.

Emirati said...

That price is absolute bullshit. A friend has a similar if not better house, it cost him 7 million in construction costs.

Michael Woohoo Jackson said...

What..no discotheque? 15 mil $ and NO disco. Speaking of which, wheres the ranch and the theme park?

BuJ said...

in light of emirati's comment this is really crap.. the pool is so narrow you won't be able to fit more than 2 ppl in it if u wanna do a few lengths!

and you also have to make sure that they swim very straight.. hmmm...57 mil?

MD said...

Ridiculous. But some moron who'll want to get popular as 'The Guy Who Bought The Most Expensive House' will soon make news, I'm so sure.

DG said...

Is it true that the more wealth you have, the smaller your brain gets? ;-)

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