04 September, 2006

Father Figure

In how many countries of the world you find the head of the government visiting schools at the start of new academic year? A leader is like a father figure. We in UAE are lucky and fortunate that our leaders care & treat us like a father treats his children. Yesterday our Vice President & UAE Prime Minister visited some schools in the western region of UAE. Sheikh Mohammed indeed is an example for other arab & muslim leaders.

The full article can be found here.

Following his tour, Shaikh Mohammad said that he was pleased with the smooth onset of the new academic year in Delma schools, which cater to more than 2,000 students.

He referred to a recent resolution by the Cabinet, which grants school administrations the full power to directly spend amounts allocated for their respective schools without awaiting central approval, thus cutting bureaucracy.

Shaikh Mohammad ordered immediate upgrading of computer laboratories at Delma schools to enable students to cope with the modern technology 'or else we will miss the train.' He also instructed Dr Hanif Hassan, Minister of Education, to coordinate with the Dubai Education Council to enable all school principals to acquire the international computer operating licence.


Fahad Al Mahmood said...

This man is a motivation for all of us ... great example to follow for all the rest of Arab leaders.

anonymous lurker said...

that has got to be one of the cutest picture on the planet.

and this following comment isn't a complaint against shk mo (just so that no body jumps down my throat) but
everytime i hear of things like 'the computer labs need to be upgraded' i wonder about the priorities (and controls) of those in charge of the uae govt budget.

Tim Newman said...

A leader is like a father figure.

You mean in the sense that children don't get to choose their fathers?

DG said...

Fahad, Dubai & UAE is fortunate to have such a visionary leader.

Tim, what are you saying man? I am an illiterate person, please explain in simple words :-)

secretdubai said...

It is a nice picture. Important that he is seen to be encouraging young girls' education too (like Zayed did). There are still families here that don't support women's education.

Lirun said...

thats awesome

Woke said...

We in UAE are lucky and fortunate that our leaders care & treat us like a father treats his children.

While I agree that this is a nice gesture and that he is an example for other Arab & Muslim leaders, are we that fortunate?

Woke said...

And dg,
Tim is pointing out to the fact that the people in UAE does not get to choose their leader like children dont get to 'choose' their father.

In simple words.

nzm said...

Not to take anything away from Sh. Mohammed, but other country's leaders do the same.

Who can forget the images of Bush in a Florida school on the morning of 9/11?

Anonymous said...

About every political leader in nearly every country in the world does the same thing. Looks cute, makes citizens happy, good PR, excellent photo op.

shansenta said...

Well noted, Anonymous (at 10:23. Except for a few identifiable ones, almost all countries have leaders who are known to go out of the way to act as a brother, father, mother, or friend. This is what true leadership all about. Otherwise they wouldn't have been leaders of their people at all!

However, what's very different of Sheikh Mohammed is that in many cases he's known to take the extremely just decisions, at the right times, notwithstanding political repurcussions (if any!).

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...

To Anonymous

You can fake a lot, but not the reaction of a child towards a tender gesture that comes from the heart.

You can act, you can lie and do a lot of things. But at the end the results are important.

If only 5% of world leaders gave to their countries half of what the leadership here does then perhaps a lot won't be here whining about how imperfect things are.

I am passionate about this because I'm tired of people complaining about how not to their liking things are over here nothing is perfect and one must keep trying to better it by being a part of the solution rather than simply complaining.

DG said...

Secret Dubai, I agree with you on that. The future looks optimistic for the UAE women. I believe most positive changes in the future would be inspired by women.

Tim, I respect your opinion but I believe democracy is not a cure for all illness. Infact what I see around me, politics & elections have become a good business investment for most politicians. I think UAE would not have achieved so much progress in a short period of time if we had frequent changes in leadership.

Don't ignore the fact that UAE is a young country and after the formation of the federation, there were other more important priorities like increasing the living standard of people, educating them, providing them world class health, housing, utilities & infrastructure. The next phase will see introduction of more reforms as our President said in last year's national day address to the nation.

Just be patient, change never happens overnight. And if change is imposed, the result is Iraq, which I am sure no one wants here in UAE.

Woke, yes we indeed are fortunate here in UAE to have a wise leadership. Just look at our bigger neighbors, you will definitely see a positive difference here in UAE.

Nzm, I never said leaders of other countries don't do the same :-)

Shansenta & Al Mulhama, thank you friends for replying to Mr. Annonymous on my behalf. Both of you did'nt leave anything forme to say.

Al Mulhama, glad to know that you share same feelings about "moaning people" :-)

DG said...

Annonymous lurker, Delma is a rural area, in fact an island 200 Km west of Abu Dhabi city. And like every rural area in the world, the products and services in rural areas are always much below the standard of big cities :-)

anonymous lurker said...


it's not like the country is run from moscow and shk mo was visiting siberia. i remember last year there was a huge todo about princess haya managing/ordering the refurbishment of school facilities. i remember one of the main items were airconditioners were being installed/reparied. there is absolutely no reason on this planet that any school in the uae should be without proper airconditing. however the fact that these kids have done without for years says more about the 'priority' of education in the uae than princess haya's dedication to the task.

it's not her job. nor is it shk mo's to make sure these kids are properly educated. it is the ministry of education's job. and yet they seem content to let these kids languish in 3rd world conditions.

the uae isn't that big. there is no excuse. these kids have been wronged.

blogrosh said...

Well said dg - I hope positive changes do continue to come in the UAE.

DG said...

Anonymous lurker, it seems to me that you have not read the post well.

"He referred to a recent resolution by the Cabinet, which grants school administrations the full power to directly spend amounts allocated for their respective schools without awaiting central approval, thus cutting bureaucracy."

Hope things will improve now :-)

DG said...

Blogrosh, thanks for the encouraging & positive comment :-)

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