03 November, 2006

Business Networks - Good Business

I happened to attend a networking event on Wednesday in le-meridian. It was hosted by a supposedly very BIG, INTL business networking organization. After this experience it occurred to me, that its a good business model to start a business/social network. I mean they didn't have any focus. There was no material underlining their objectives or focus. We were charged dh35/ person, pretty steep for a shared bowl of nuts, ofcourse no food or drinks were included in that. After sweating for 3 hours in the lawn I realized its no use, hardly was I able to bump into any decision makers. Least I would have expected would have been a list of members or organizations to get leads into. I mean it was lacking the fraternity feeling and thus people standing in segregated groups without having a feeling that they are member of something that units them.

I think the success of any such network lies in being small not big, as the bigger they get the more focus they loose and eventually end up becoming pick up parties. For example the Toastmasters ( public speaking clubs) or Lighthouse Clubs (construction industry) and such others. More of you frequent visitors to such networking event can be a better judge but my initial feelings weren't so great.


BD said...

My take is that you get from such things what you bring into them. If most people are there hoping to rub shoulders with someone who can do something for them, then who else is left to actually be the doer. Ideally, one should approach such gatherings from a perspective of what he can share, not from what he can take. If one has nothing really to offer, then he probably shoudn't attend.

Doubleletter said...

Have you checked out www.linkedin.com ? Its a website where you can forge professional relationships.

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