02 November, 2006

Comment moderation

Sorry guys - comment moderation has had to be switched on again, because we have a troll writing offensive comments. This won't affect members - your comments will still get posted immediately. It only affects non-members and anonymous people. If you don't want to wait for your comments to be posted, just email me and I will add you as a member here.

We will moderate as quickly as we can, but obviously not every admin is at their computer 24/7.


poo said...

/| /| | |
||__|| | Please don't |
/ O O\__ feed |
/ \ the trolls |
/ \ \ |
/ _ \ \ ----------------------
/ |\____\ \ ||
/ | | | |\____/ ||
/ \|_|_|/ | __||
/ / \ |____| ||
/ | | /| | --|
| | |// |____ --|
* _ | |_|_|_| | \-/
*-- _--\ _ \ // |
/ _ \\ _ // | /
* / \_ /- | - | |
* ___ c_c_c_C/ \C_c_c_c____________

debbie menon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Debbie Menon said...

Hello: This is Debbie Menon.
I just need to clarify this...
I have never posted any comment on either Secret Dubai or UAE Community blogs. Somebody else has been posting in my name. Please
stop him/her (troll) immediately.

My only main concerns have been the Palestinian people's suffering and their struggle for sovereignty; The consequences of the US led illegal war on Iraq and the US Media mis-representation of the facts, when i see them. I only write in Khaleej Times and sometimes Gulf News.

Thank you.

Debbie Menon

secretdubai said...

Hi Debbie,

Sorry about this, it's a risk with Blogger and similar sites. Can I suggest you sign up a Blogger account and put in a user pic (can be anything, doesn't have to be you)? That is the only way we've found so far for people to guarantee they are who they say they are. It's also why I added my camel icon.

If you can email me [my username here] at gmail with links to any fake comments, I will delete them for you. I'll start with the fake one above.

And just to try and demonstrate the difference:

Here is me, secretdubai, logged in as me with my user camel picture displayed.

secretdubai said...

And this is still me, but using the "other" identity, which anyone could do. Hover over my name to see the link. There's nothing to stop someone putting my actual blog or Blogger profile link in there, making it indistinguishable from the real me, except for my profile pic.

Debbie Menon said...

okay Secret Dubai, thanks, appreciate it, will email you.

Anonymous said...

what a crybaby she is

Debbie Menon said...

Anonymous ? Sheer creative genius.

Whats your beef with me?

My LTE's in KT ? Those are simply instinctive, reactive "kicks at the pricks" which the old Greeks enjoined us to do; effortless reactions to the blah and blather that I see daily in the press, and wonder.... who else sees it... and do they see the same ridiculous and obvious pile of natural fertilizer here that I do?

I think if God were to incarnate (I use the word "incarnate" rather than "reincarnate" advisedly) Him/Her/It/self today, (let's just cut to the third person generic male with a capital G for ease, convention and simplicity's sake?) He would return as a Junkyard Operator. A close look at what He has created so far, and what we have made of it, makes me believe that that is what He would love and be best at.

Have a nice day.

- Debbie Menon - (the real one)

Anonymous said...

you are just a glory hound! you want to see yr name in print. what a cry baby u are. don't even try 2 reply cause you will only be attacked!! like most losers uu can dish it out but you can;t take it!
have a day.

Debbie Menon said...

glory hound! i like the monicker thanks.

At a minimum, I suggest you head down to your local hardware store and buy a few sheets of 40-grit sandpaper. Apply it liberally - pardon the pun - to any and all parts of your body that may be exposed to the scary anger of the anti-war rants. Toughen up that hide of yours, and greet the coming days with a leathery mien impervious to a few angry LTEs in KT.

Afterwards, you could perhaps figure out why the anger of those who see this war as a crime and this US administration as a disaster is so terribly threatening to you. Anger is a gift, after all, one that inspires change. If you don't think we need a change, real change, I can only shake my head.

You should try reading some of the emails I get on a weekly basis. The mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands and children of Palestine and Iraq asking why it happened, what can be done, how this is possible, because somehow they think I have an answer to that bottomless question.

Instead of castigating those who take an interest, who have gotten justifiably furious over all that has happened, I suggest you take a moment within yourself and ask why you don't share their feelings.

You don't bother to reply if you have nothing of substance to say
except name calling.

-Debbie Menon- (the real one)

Anonymous said...

i suggest you look b4 u leap,glory hound! take a long looka t yrself& wonder why u r such a loser!

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