02 November, 2006

Wake up and Block 'em

Wake up Etisalad! We have an assignment for you.


Arabized said...

haha niceee

yala block it!


Rejected said...

This contradiction in UAE is killing meeeee!! I was not issued a residency after getting a job in UAE without even telling me why, only rumors said that because I am Iraqi and there they have a lot of Iraqi gypsies. Well I am an Engineer who was employed in one of the most reputed companies there let alone that gypsies never ever travel legally to UAE. Their visas and sponsorship is easier than anything else. Why cover up the facts!!!

poo said...


poo said...

Interesting casinodubai.com uses "Micromedia Flash". - from their about page
Damn, that must be some new technological innovation straight from DIC

Anonymous said...

That's the new smaller version of the Macro version I guess....


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