03 September, 2006

A new Dubai Daily Photo site

Please excuse this little plug for my blog, however the idea for doing this blog actually originated from this very UAE community blog...

A Word A Day mentioned the Hong Kong daily photo site which lead me back to the original Paris Daily Photo

I really like it as a concept and there over 100 active blogs doing just that - posting one original photo per day per city.

Hopefully you guys may like to come and check out my little new site Dubai Daily Photo


Eric said...

Welcome to the DailyPhoto blog community. Dubai is a city that we really missed up until now on the list, and hopefully you will inspire others to join in on what I've found to be an excellent experience.

Good luck and I look forward to your photos and commentary!

Diana Joy said...

Hey clay!!!
You have been tagged:)
Come on over to my blog and answer these questions:) I know it sounds silly....but, it is a blast!!!
After you answer the questions then you can tag someone else!
If you decide not to ...drop by and let me know:) Look forward to seeing you there:)
God Bless!
Diana Joy

nzm said...

Well done - that shows commitment!

Woke said...

Excellent. Looking forward to your contributions. :)

Lirun said...

your photos are stunning..

what richness and depth..

very impressed.. you have inspired me to post my mere amature snaps on my blog..

its amazing how much more depth the graphic aspect ads to the written message..

DXBluey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DXBluey said...

Hi Lirun,

We are all mere amateurs in life... let's keep practicing...

I want to thank you posting on the UAE site - I liked the idea...

Perhaps you are a mench habibi? (spelling?)

sally said...

Have you disappeared for good? I hope not. Your pictures are wonderful. How can I contact you? My husband and I have a project in progress and maybe you'd like to participate with some of your pics?

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