03 September, 2006

Extinction around the corner?

The Page Layout of KT - yesterday (2 Sep, 2006) could not be better!

Headlines of foreboding Doom and right in the center of the same article a
strategically placed teaser - I love my Dubai!

Ironical? or is it meant to be a cruel joke?

I am not laughing!

Cause I am the soon to be extinct middle class!

Mammoths, Dodos and now me!


Woke said...

What does it take to wipe out KT from the media?

And is that a anti-dandruff shampoo ad on the left?

Lirun said...


how much are you guys an oil economy.. hasnt dubai diversified since its founding?

such a sophisticated place - id expect that the economy is now pegged to many other factors

please enlighten me..

debbie menon said...

khaleej times, gulf news, both really suck!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really wish they'd take a more anti-US, anti-Bush stance....

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