26 March, 2006

60 Minutes' Rooney on Dubai deal

I usually enjoy watching CBS' 60 Minutes and Andy Rooney at the end is often amusing in his old-man-curmudgeonly way. However, when I watched him take on the Dubai port deal I was less than amused. Read it people! He's often not the best-informed person on America TV but this is just scary. Here are some highlights:

- Dubai is capital of country called United Arab Emirates. Don't ask me what an "Emirates" is and don't ask me to put my finger on Dubai on a map of the world, either.

- A lot of Americans are involved, considering that Dubai Ports World is supposed to be a foreign company. The head of it has been an American - a Yale graduate named Ted Bilkey. Several of his assistants are American. For all we know this is a business deal put together by Americans to make money by using Dubai as a front.

- The credit card companies are using people in India to do their customer service business. If you call them with a problem, you get someone who speaks English, sort of, but she's sitting in New Delhi.

- Why don't they outsource The White House, or outsource Congress. Get some really smart people from other countries to run our country for us. A congressman gets $162,000 a year and all he can eat. I'll bet we could get some natives of Dubai to do the same work twice as well for half the price.

- I hope CBS doesn't decide to outsource 60 Minutes. They'd probably replace me with someone from Dubai, Anwar Rooney, who'd do what I do for a quarter of what they pay me.


Anonymous said...

I don’t see why this surprises you, so. The majority of the American public is ignorant to anything beyond their borders, as the American government has conveniently veiled censorship through monopolized media and famous American ‘poetry’ that’s considered the bases of the whole society, with all sorts of freedoms that are in fact nonexistent excepting in the brainwashed minds of those who know no better.

Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

Oh, please. This sort of 'fake ignorance' is Rooney's specialty, his schtick -- and it's usually very funny, as this piece was.

And, 'anonymous':
As for 'monopolized media' controlled by the government, HUH? I can walk out right now and buy 1000 different magazines and newspapers of differing points of view within five blocks of my house. (Including, since I live in Brooklyn, possibly the most diverse area in the world, newspapers -- not in a sepcialty store but on regular newsstands -- from about 40 different countries in their own language.) I can get magazines favoring almost any position imaginable, freely. (And for those of you who see everything as being controlled by the Joooz, yes, I could get any position on Israel and Judaism from extreme orthodox to totally anti-Semitic.)

The freedoms are real -- with the only censorship coming on sexual matters since America is far more prudish than most people think, and even that is changing.

As for your poetry comment, given your other stupidities, I'm sure it is as idiotic, but I don't even understand what you are talking about enough to criticize it.
"famous American ‘poetry’ that’s considered the bases of the whole society"
Americans aren't exactly big on poetry -- as a poet, I regret this.

BD said...

^^^ I basically agree with the above poster. That's just Andy Rooney's style and he knows his audience--so he plays up to them. It's supposed to be humour. It's when Hilary Clinton says things on that level that gets me ruffled.

As to "monopolized media," give me a break. Why without any evidence do people like to presume that a few people control everything. There are things like "making money," or market forces, that certainly influence the media as well as everything else, but that doesn't mean that there are any few or groups of people who exert "monopolistic" control.

Anonymous said...

Majority of you all believed Bush was fantastic when you first elected him... Second elections, only about half... now, only 31% of you think he's a good president...

Most of us could have told you from the start... And ALL of us could have told you before you re-elected him that he was no good for you, or the rest of the world.

You’re media, your gullibility to believe in WMD's that never existed and Iraqi ties to Al Quaida is proof... and even though now you almost all agree, it's only because every lie has a thread that will get pulled and little bits of truth will show... And of course, access to the International News outlets… Internet.

And, excuse you, I was born and raised in America... Please, don't assume I have no basis for my censorship comments... Getting access to international media simply isn’t as easy for the whole population there as you’d like us all over here to think.

Anonymous said...

And if I'm wrong... what other excuse can you give for national ignorance to just about anything outside your borders?

max rasquinha said...

andy roney is a windbag! any1 ho's heard him rant on & on about other things knows that he is just a windbag! i could go on & on but i don't want 2 bother all of you readers.

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