15 March, 2006

The Sand and the Fury

I quote from a New Yorkers Diary:

"Dubai - A friend and I once invented a game to keep us entertained at media events. We called it Dubai Bingo. Certain words and phrases crop up with such frequency in Dubai conversation that you could mark them off on a little card: Traffic, construction, heat, superficial, rent, Used to be just sand and This is not the Middle East."

Visit the site to read the full article on:





BD said...

I didn't see the New Yorkers Diary quote at your link, but found the "Dubai or Not Dubai" article. Despite the vagueness of the title, that article takes a good look at the ugly politcal machine that set the controversy into motion. It's really a shame what self-serving politicians can do. It puts a black mark on the thing we call democracy.

Axonsax said...

Here is the full link to the article for you:


The full title being:

"The Sand and the Fury:
Misunderstood Dubai
Is Like a Needy Child"

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