29 March, 2006

Miracle renewal product

WARNING: Tightens skin in seconds, eye irritant, goggles or safety glasses should always be used, do not ingest.

Can be used to stop a leak on an automobile radiator. It is quick and economical. It also offers great bonding strength and tremendous heat and water resistance.

It is perfect for permanent and delicate repairs. Can be filed, machined and sanded . (!!!!!!!)


grapeshisha said...

This product was obviously developed for Richard Branson's planes.

A Yahya said...

*After reading post and analysing the product closer calls shrink for 50 more sessions of counseling*

Tainted Female said...

I saw something similar to this in a supermarket in Ajman... Did you find this here? Strange...

kaya said...

@ Yahya

Yup! Got it here at FATIMA SUPERMARKET(abu dhabi). Nearly died of embarassment when I had to pay for it. But a BLOGGERS duty must go on.

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